House of Sanctuarium

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House of Sanctuarium
Country Kingdom of Cristoria
TitlesKing of Cristoria
Duke of New Toledo
Duke of Saturnia
Current headChristopher I

The House of Sanctuarium is a Cristorian royal house that reigns over all Cristorian territories. The House of Sanctuarium was founded in November 2021, when Christopher I was coronation as King of Cristoria. The royal house's name is Latin for the word sanctuary. Throughout Cristorian history, the House of Sanctuarium was never mentioned, although the idea of the House of Sanctuarium was always a thing, however under no name.


Following the dissolution of the Empire of Cristoria, the Kingdom of Cristoria was established in August 2021. The throne of the Kingdom of Cristoria was left vacant until November 2021, in which Christopher I ascended to the throne.

In November 2021, after Christopher I's accession, he founded the House of Sanctuarium, in which he and his family were appointed as members of the royal family. Christopher I formally declared that there would be a house, although it was left unnamed, this would later become the House of Sanctuarium.

After the dissolution of the Kingdom of Cristoria, the house was dissolved, only temporarily, until October 2023, when the monarchy of Cristoria would be restored and the Kingdom of Cristoria would inevitably be reinstated.

In January 2024, Christopher I formally gave the House of Sanctuarium its naming, to "further governmental structural improvement". Ultimately, this would become the offical status of the House of Sanctuarium being an existing structure of the Cristorian government, although being a concept from two years prior.

States reigned over

State/Country Dates
Kingdom of Cristoria 2021–present
Dominion of Cristonia[a] 2024–present
New Toledo 2021–present
Saturnia 2022–present


The name House of Sanctuarium is derived from the Latin translation of the word sanctuary. The House of Sanctuarium is named after the word sanctuary as it serves as the safe haven for the royal family, which then the family fulfills its ability to make Cristoria a safe haven for Cristorians.[1][2]


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  1. The House of Ehrenfried, the Holstonian Empire, the House of Sanctuarium and the Kingdom of Cristoria all jointly-run the Dominion of Cristonia, although it is dominantly under Holstonian control.