High Chancellor of Lomellina

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High Chancellor of Lomellina

Richard Abreo-Louis

First High ChancellorOffice established
Formation3 September 2014
ResidenceCastello di Valle, Lomellina

The High Chancellor of Lomellina is the legislative ruler of the Lomellinian Aristocracy in the Principality of Lomellina. The office was established on 3 September 2014 by D. Guilherme I, Prince of Lomellina following the Aristocracy's foundation. The High Chancellor is submitted to an election every 3 months where the aristocrats vote for a new ruler, the then high chancellor as the power to elect and resign an aristocrat's office when a certain rule is broken, he has also the same duties and rights as a normal aristocrat with a few exceptions since the High Chancellor is an important part of the principality.

Special Rights and Duties


  • The High Chancellor may have a throne beside the prince in order to advice him.
  • The High Chancellor may elect or resign an aristocrat from his/her office when a rule is broken.


  • The High Chancellor must participate in every event that concerns the good state of Lomellina.
  • The High Chancellor must deliver speeches when the prince can't deliver it.
  • The High Chancellor must present all the Aristocracy's decisions to the prince or to the citiens.

List of High Chancellors

# Name Office start Office end Notes House Image
Richard Abreo-Louis 3 September 2014 present The first High Chancellor apointed by the prince of Lomellina. Abreo-Louis

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