Head of the Occitanian Commonwealth

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Head of the Occitanian Commonwealth
Head of the Occitanian Commonwealth:
Vicent Branchadell

since 13 August 2017
Term lengthThree months renewable
Inaugural holderBabou Chkaya
Formation30 July 2017

The Occitanian Commonwealth is handled by the Head of the Commonwealth, who is elected every three months by the head of states of the member countries.

List of the Head of the Occitanian Commonwealth

# Portrait Name State member Term of office Political affiliation
1 Babou Chkaya  Popular Union of Occitania 30 July 2017 13 August 2017 Esquerra!
First Head of the Occitanian Commonwealth and its creator. Establishes the first institutions of the organization. He resigned to concentrate on his other mandates.
2 Vicent Branchadell  Popular Union of Occitania 13 August 2017 28 October 2018 Montserrat
Elected with 75% of the votes. Program the expulsion of Artinia.