Fall of Gene

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Fall of Gene
Result Gene citizens flee to Florida
FSSR returns East Gravois to the United States


Gravois Flag.jpg Gravois remnants

  • w:United States American Gravois
Commanders and leaders
FSSRFlag2016.pngParker I w:United States E.P.
Gravois Flag.jpg Spencer I de jure only
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The Fall of Gene was a micronational conflict that occurred in the Socialist Republic of Gravois. Arising out of political division and economic stressors, the conflict involved American-Gravois citizens rising up against the MWPS before fleeing the country. The incident severely damaged the FSSR's navy and contributed to the eventual collapse of SR Gravois.


A conflict in the city of Gene had been rumored for years amongst the Secundomian population. Even prior to the foundation of the DRS, citizens of the Gravois capital of Gene were contemplating vacating the nation and discussing it with Secundomian leadership. An evacuation of Gene would mean a functional secession of East Gravois (the largest and most prosperous part of Gravois) as it would render the entire area inaccessible. The Crum Gap between East and West Gravois had yet to be bridged, and travel via water was insufficient to maintain operational capacity. Secundomian president Parker I was attempting to set up roadblocks to the secession and options to continue access to East Gravois.

Political division

After the rise of the Worker's Party of Secundomia, the citizens of Gravois were largely suspicious of the new government. Gravois had long been a stronghold of Conservatives in Secundomia. Even as many members of the Conservative Party trended towards the center, Gravois was politically on the far-right. After the abdication of King Parker I, E.P., an American Gravois citizen and supporter of Donald Trump expressed that this would be the last straw in terms of Secundomian leadership in Gravois.

However, Gravois remained in Secundomian hands throughout 2015. In the Spring of 2016, the Maoist-Worker's Party of Secundomia seized power in Eastern Secundomia. The outward vanguardist leadership had proclaimed the FSSR as a single party state. Despite nominally increased autonomy to the newly christened Socialist Republic of Gravois, American citizens in Gravois were outraged. Combined with economic factors that were hollowing out the country, the local populace began to plot a revolt


In early spring 2017 the MWPS was not active in Gravois, being largely confined to Eastern Secundomia. The local revolutionaries seized the moment and disabled a large portion of the Secundomian Navy stationed in Eastern Gravois. Unable to martial the naval forces in Western Gravois, the MWPS attempted to make contact with Gene, the capital city of Gravois. Citizens of Gene informed Parker I that they had already fled to Florida and made arrangements to place the property far from Secundomian hands. Attempts by the MWPS to reach the new civilians in Gene failed, and with a lack of naval forces they announced their surrender.


The MWPS decided that attempting to reincorporate Eastern Gravois would be futile. They decided to reorganize the claims of the Socialist Republic of Gravois to solely Stone County, the sole county in Western Gravois. Despite its much smaller size, Western Gravois was still able to house the remnants of the Secundomian Navy and further to operate as a capital for SR Gravois. Gravois had been severely weakened and would eventually collapse in 2020 alongside the added stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic.