Democrats (Wallenia)

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LeaderTeun Kelder
Founded11 May 2021
IdeologySocial liberalism
Anti establishment politics
Political positioncenter
House of Delegates
2 / 17

The Democrats are a liberal political party in Wallenia. The party has 2 Members of Parliament in the House of Delegates, . The party served as the offical opposition ever since the Sloos Amandment until the formation of the Socialist Citizens Federation

In 2021, an alliance was established between the Solidarity Party and the Democrats in Wallenia to form an effective oppostion against the National Unity Government Although it the NUG allowed them to implement some of their policies, this damaged the Democrats electoral prospects since opposing the goverment is very hard

Positioned in the centre to centre-left of Wallene politics, the Democrats ideologically draw upon both liberalism and social humanism. Different factions have dominated the party at different times, each with its own ideological bent, some leaning towards the centre-left and others the centre. The party calls for constitutional reform, including a change from the first-past-the-post voting system to proportional representation. Emphasising stronger protections for civil liberties, the party promotes socially liberal approaches to issues like LGBT rights, drug liberalisation, education policy and criminal justice. It favours a market-based economy supplemented with social welfare spending. The party is internationalist and pro-Cupertino and pro-GUM,

The Democrats are historically strongest in Wallenstad and Kronstadt Membership is primarily middle-class and more university educated than most Wallene parties.