Democratic Union of New Pulaskia

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Democratic Union of New Pulaskia
0001-19203059896 (1).png
Pulaskian COA V2.png
Coat of arms
Motto: "Terra Pax et Iustitia”
"Land of Peace and Justice"
Anthem: Pulaskian National Hymn
Central Arkansas, USA
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesSpanish
Ethnic groups
  • 21.1% Hispanic/Latino
  • 78.9% European/White
  • 50% Christianity
  • 11.10% United Church of New Pulaskia (Mixed)
  • 5.55% Unaffiliated/Atheist
  • 33.35% No Data
Demonym(s)Pulaskian, New Pulaskian
GovernmentDirect Democratic Federation
• President
Ayden Tucker
• Vice President
Kahlan Higgins
LegislaturePresidential Council
from USA
• Independence Declared
October 6, 2022
• Constitution Ratified
December 1, 2022
• Total
0.0220 km2 (0.0085 sq mi)
• 2023 census
CurrencyPulaskian Dollar/U.S. Dollar
Time zoneCDT
• Summer (DST)
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

The Democratic Union of New Pulaskia (DUNP), more commonly known as New Pulaskia, is a micronation located in Central Arkansas. It is completely surrounded by the United States. It claims a modest territory of about 0.8 acres and contains 12 people, all of whom reside within the Union. It contains within this territory, the 2 provinces of Pulaski Province and Saline Province, one autonomous province (Josentia), one federal district (Capital), one unintegrated and semi-independent province (Xaidia) and 2 territories (Garland Territory and Tennessee Territory).

New Pulaskia’s territory was, before colonization by European powers, inhabited mainly by the Quapaw and Caddo Aboriginals. It was incorporated into the French Empire and handed to the United States after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, and was slowly settled. New Pulaskia was officially declared on 6 September 2021, after some squabbling over the naming and government system of the country. However, its roots were laid down in the Great Jaelandian War in May 2021. After over 200 years in the United States, the region broke free from the COVID-19 pandemic to escape the hardships of the situation. The founder and current president of New Pulaskia is Ayden T. The Vice President is currently Kahlan H. The Legislative body of New Pulaskia is the Presidential Council. Currently, New Pulaskia has established inter-micronational relations with neighboring Xadia and Aglezia and recognizes other micronations and independence movements.


The name New Pulaskia comes from the name of Pulaski County, Arkansas, and -ia, which means land. Before the formation of New Pulaskia, the nation of Nordlandia was created, whose name meant ‘northern land’, and symbolized the American name of North Little Rock (or possibly the northern corner of the field area where it was declared), where the current capital resides. The name of New Pulaskia was suggested by the former treasurer Maddox T. A very popular (and true) story about the name was that some would refer to Nordlandia as “Nerdlandia”, and so a new name was proposed.


See also: History of New Pulaskia

The Union of New Pulaskia was founded on 1 September 2021, near the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though another nation, the Republic of Nordlandia, had been formed in May 2021, it was formed as an experimental nation during the Jaelandian War. It was only partially established, and an official constitution and governing body were not created.


The Union of New Pulaskia was formerly a part of the United States of America, specifically the State of Arkansas. The area began to be settled in numbers in the early 1800s, and Little Rock, one of the first and largest settlements, began in the 1820s. The land was urbanized and industrialized throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, and in the 2010s, the Tucker-Johnson family moved to the area that would become the capital of New Pulaskia.

First Republic and Jaelandian War

In late April 2021, Ayden T., the president of New Pulaskia, came up with the idea to create his own nation. By now, several of his friends had done so. One Zack B. created the nation of Zackstovia, while several other neighbors, led by Jae L., created Jaelandia. Tensions quickly arose, and soon, war broke out. At first, conflict was minimal, usually in the form of small skirmishes, but quickly these became full frontal assaults. Several attempts were made at diplomacy, though these all failed. At the onset of the war, Zackstovia split into several nations, Zackstovia (what was left of it), The Republic of Table, the Republic of Angria, the Republic of Overbrook (ruled by Ayden), and the Armstrong Clan. They each had their separate leaders but shared a common enemy, Jaelandia. The Republic of Overbrook went through several incarnations after this, ending up as the Republic of Nordlandia. They continued to wage war on Jaelandia, suffering heavy setbacks as the war dragged on. The people of Jaelandia were united, however, with a huge and organized army and government that the other small nations didn’t have. Eventually, the war would come to an unofficial and inconclusive end at the end of May 2021, though an official treaty was never signed. The first republic quickly became disfunctional.

New Republic

After around 2 to 3 months of inactivity, Ayden decided to revive the project after it was brought up by one of the former members of Nordlandia, Levyn S. It was declared the Republic of Nordlandia on 6 September 2021. He began to develop it, writing the first draft of the constitution and reviving the nation, reiterating the national symbols and form of government and declaring his capital at Provinstadt (North Little Rock). However, the country was still stagnant and progress was slow.


During early 2022, Ayden began to truly develop the country. He began by going back to his national symbols and reiterating them, rewrote the constitution, reformed the government, and began a period of development. He declared the Democratic Union of New Pulaskia, with its independence date set as January 2, 2022. He incorporated more people into his country and got approval for the new Constitution. In March, he won the first official elections, with Stephanie J. as his Vice President and Maddox T. as the Treasurer and was appointed in Provinstadt on March 18, 2022, along with his Vice President and Treasurer. The nation saw extensive population growth and the foundations of a police force, court, and military in late March and early April 2022. In spite of a conspiracy to overthrow the government in the President’s absence growth continued, with the nation hitting the ten people mark in early April. Growth in military and science also occurred, with the foundation of the National Military and Science Administration (NMSA). The nation continued to develop in spite of hardships. The Autonomous Province of Josentia was created in early May 2022 fresh off an independence referendum, with it allowed various freedoms that other provinces did not have such as freedom in law-making.

Second Elections

The country of New Pulaskia continued to grow and flourish. Elections in May 2022 ended in a decisive Liberal-Conservative Party victory with Kahlan H. as the new Vice President, Head Judge, Police Chief, and Head of the Pulaskian Medical Association (PMA) and Joseph C. as the new Treasurer. Ayden T. continued as the President and became the Minister of Media, a controversial move that spurred protests. Around this time, Pulaskian diplomats came into contact with Xadia and Aglezia (Äglęßįæś), both of which were new micronations who showed interest in an alliance. This also came with the first war Pulaskia was involved in, against another unnamed micronation. The war stagnated and ended as the summer began. Growth was minor during June, but on July 1, after the President had returned in late June from a trip to Mexico, while at his summer residence on Lake Hamilton in Garland Province, a coup was launched there on Friday, July 1 by Maddox T., the former Treasurer who wished to be reinstated. With no other options, the President was forced to accept, though he soon returned the position to Joseph C.

Triple Alliance

In September, amid the country’s first anniversary, tensions rose between Pulaskia and Xadia, nearly causing another coup and war. Tensions were settled, but soon after, the country enacted the Military Preparedness Movement. This began the draft of more soldiers into the Pulaskian Army. After this, to diffuse tensions, an official alliance treaty was signed between the three nations of Pulaskia, Xadia, and Aglezia. This ultimately diffused tensions. After tensions had died down, publishing of the Pulaskian Times began, along with the writing of the Pulaskian Declaration of Independence and the editing of the Constitution. This came with a crisis, as the VP, Kahlan H, resigned, leaving Rebecca D to take over. After Kahlan later expressed her wish to return, she was accepted by the President, but the new VP, Rebecca, would demand a ‘vote of approval’. This would end in Kahlan’s victory, causing more tension, which was magnified by Rebecca’s proposal to unite the two nations of Xadia and New Pulaskia, which Ayden showed interest in. This caused another round of voting, which ended in several ties for both it, and a Government Exclusion Act to keep foreign leaders from holding government office in New Pulaskia.

Aglesian-Pulaskian Tensions

On October 17, the Second United Micronational Conference of Bryant was held, the first having occurred in 2021. This discussed a non-aggression treaty between Aglesia (formerly Aglezia), New Pulaskia, and Xadia, but ended on a dark note as Supreme Leader of Aglesia Gavin McManigal attempted to assassinate the President on the supposed orders of Kahlan H, the Vice President, but this was proved to be a false cover-up. This led to tensions and another round of Pulaskian military drafting. Soon after, Pulaskia would aquire territory in Tennessee after a deal during a Presidential visit to the area. The next week, a tiebraker vote was held after the first vote had ended in a tie, initially showing most people wanting the Exclusion Act to become a law with only 20% of the Council voting for it to become an amendment, and 60% voting against the unfication of New Pulaskia and Xaidia. This was soon challenged as an Xadian poll showed 100% for the union, but it would be continually debated for some time. In later October, when the President fell ill, on the 31 October, Joseph C and Gavin M attempted to capture Kahlan H. This ultimately failed. Mere days after, a civil war began.

“Civil War” and Referendums

Brayden A, Minister of Defense, would declare a (supposed) civil war against New Pulaskia in early November 2022. Supported by Aglesia and Joseph C, they would attempt to depose the President and would cause so much chaos that government function revolved around it for the time it occurred. This also birthed a new country (but not forming out of New Pulaskia): Saidland. This nation also supported the revolt and civil war in New Pulaskia. This would just be the peak of the chaos. The chaos quickly dissipated, however, when it was revealed that it was all a rumor, started to fuel chaos and collapse. The timing was stated to have been “just perfect” by President Ayden T, who, along with Xadian leader Rebecca D, was out sick with flu during the “rebellion’s” start. Both would return to calm the situation and reclaim their government positions from the Provisional President Kahlan Higgins. Supreme Court cases, the first since May of 2022, were planned for those involved in the so-called “revolution”, but would not occur as continued postponement of the cases would lead to them being mostly forgotten. At the same time of this, Dia B, a new upstart of New Pulaskia, was sworn in as the new Chief of Police for Pulaskia, namely the power center of Bryant, and, by extension, Pulaski Province, letting Kahlan H to retire from that position and ushering in a new age. Kahlan was kept as Deputy Police Chief, and Rebecca D was made Head of Investigative Services. At the same time, new referendums were being drafted and sent in. The first, one to change the national anthem, would be the first major change to a symbol of New Pulaskia since early 2022, and the second, a referendum to abolish the Autonomous Province of Josentia, would eliminate the autonomous province which was stated as being “unnecessary to the function of New Pulaskia”. Voting came slowly, causing little tension as the only one who knew the votes was President Tucker.

Constitution Signed

On December 1, 2022, the Pulaskian Constitution was officially signed and ratified by enough Presidential Council members to make it official. The chaos that had plagued Pulaskia over the past months had finally settled, making Pulaskia very peaceful. Soon after, the religion of Spaghettism was created, though it would soon go downhill and become a minor religion. Meanwhile, on December 9 voting on the national anthem concluded, with the victory of “Pulaskia, Land of Peace and Justice!”, whose lyrics had been created, but whose tune had not. While this did cause some upheaval, it did not cause much, as many who did want “It’s Pulaskia”, the second place anthem, simply brushed it off calling it a knockoff of the popular “Corn song”. This led the way for the new national anthem to begin being implemented. Elsewhere,the Josentian referendum also ended with a decision to abolish the province, though no momentum on this would really occur. As tensions settled, there were few large events. A robbery of the Treasurer was reported, with few repercussions. The Bryant Middle School Dance was attended by leaders of nations, and the VP Kahlan Higgins reported being blackmailed by leaders (a true fact, but one left mainly unacknowledged), but mostly there was calm and peace within New Pulaskia during the month of December.

Government and Politics

New Pulaskia is governed by a direct democratic federation. The head of state and government is the president, and the head of his council is the Vice President. The legislative branch of the government is comprised of government officers in the Presidential Council to vote on issues, debates, and laws.


The president is the elected head of state and government of New Pulaskia. He, along with the other political officers, is elected every year at present directly by the people of New Pulaskia. He is responsible for maintaining unity within the Union and keeping the peace in micro national and international affairs, as well as managing the nation. The term of the president is renewable for as long as he or she is elected by the people’s consent. The president does have veto power, but if a majority vote of the Presidential Council has consented, it may be overridden. The current president is Ayden T.

Vice President

The vice-president is the second in command to the president. They are, just like all the other government officers, elected annually. He or she presides over the Presidential Council. They are also responsible to assist the president in decision-making for the country and to fill the role of the President if he resigns or is ill. The current Vice President is Kahlan H.


The treasurer presides over government money spending, tax collection, and budget management. They secure the funds of the government and preside over the treasury, and this allows for control of government spending, working alongside the Minister of Finance and Budget The current treasurer is Joseph C.


The Presidential Council is the legislative body of New Pulaskia. They are responsible for reviewing and approving new laws and bills. The Council is comprised of the President, Vice President, Head of the NMSA, PMA, Ministers of Media, Armed Services, Commerce, Education and Labor, Reform, Finance and Budget, and Foreign Affairs, and the Treasurer.

Political Parties

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Council Seats
Pulaskian Liberal Conservative Party Logo.png Pulaskian Liberal-Conservative Party PLCP Ayden Tucker Liberal Left Anti-Tax Raising, Rights for All, Universal Justice and Healthcare, Rights For LGBT+, Moderate Government Spending and less Military Spending, Support Immigration to New Pulaskia, Support Alliances and Peacefulness
2 / 5
Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Council Seats
Spaghetti Party Logo.png Spaghetti (Monarchist) Party SPP Joseph Crumpler Conservative Right Anti-Tax Raising, Rights for All, Universal Justice and Healthcare, Rights For LGBT+, Larger Military and Moderate Government Spending, Support Immigration to New Pulaskia, Supports Monarchism/Authoritarianism
1 / 5
Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Council Seats
Pulaskian Liberal Conservative Party Logo.png Anti LGBT Sector of Liberal Conservative Party PLCP Rebecca Davis/Dia Bird Conservative Right Anti-Tax Raising, Rights for All, Universal Justice and Healthcare, Less Rights For LGBT+, Moderate Government Spending and less Military Spending, Support Immigration to New Pulaskia, Support Alliances and Peacefulness
2 / 5


The Ministers preside over certain areas of governance in New Pulaskia and form the backbone of the Presidential Council. They each serve an important purpose.

Minister of Media

The Minister of Media orignally served to look through newspapers and update New Pulaskia’s wiki page, but has since only been presiding over the latter. The current Minister of Media is Ayden T.

Minister of War

The Minister of War is (in name) under the NMSA in the military hierarchy, but is responsible for overseeing troops, their training, equipment, and deployment. They do respond directly to the president, however, making the NMSA unable to destroy the hierarchy in any type of revolt. The current Minister of War is Brayden A.

Minister of Commerce

The Minister of Commerce is responsible for trade duties and taxes, regulation of business and commerce, and anything else to do with trade and commerce. The current Minister of Commerce is Rebecca D.

Minister of Education and Labor

The Minister of Education and Labor is responsible for overseeing the education of Pulaskians as well as their employment and job markets (along with the Minister of Commerce). The current Minister of Education and Labor is Rebecca D.

Minister of Reform

The Minister of Reform is responsible for reforming the Ministries and government with proposed bills for laws and amendments, but has not been very influential in government and politics. The current Minister of Reform is Rebecca D.

Minister of Finance and Budget

The Minister of Finance and Budget is responsible for (with the help of the Treasury) taxes, financing the nation, keeping inflation down, and dealing with paying government offices. The current Minister of Finance and Budget is Joseph C.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs deals with foreign relations with other nations, recognition of micronations and independence movements, and hosting diplomats of other nations. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Kahlan H.

Minister of Admissions

The Minister of Admissions is responsible for admitting entrants into the country for both visiting and citizenship, and sets visa, citizenship, and immigration policies (outside those defined by the constitution). The current Minister of Admissions has not yet been declared, but the Provisional Minister of Admissions is Ayden Tucker.

Minister of Agriculture

The Minister of Agriculture is tasked with dealing with both food storage and production. They manage farms and their output. The current Minister of Agriculture has not yet been declared, but the Provisional Minister of Agriculture is Ayden Tucker.

Administrative Regions

The nation of New Pulaskia is comprised of 2 Provinces, 2 Territories, 1 Federal District and 1 Unintegrated Semi-Independent Province. As defined by the government of New Pulaskia, the difference between a province and a territory is that Provinces have at least 2 residents (part or full time) which allowed Saline to be included as a Province and the Unorganized Territory of Tennessee to be excluded. The Federal District would be considered a province as it has 3 residents, but it was designated as the Federal District since it hosts the capital. As for the Unintegrated Semi-Independent (Autonomous) Province, it is Xaidia, which was undecided if it should join New Pulaskia or not.

Flag Arms Name Area Population Officials
{Federal Districts}
NoFlag.svg Nocoa.png Capital District 0.35 acres 2 Residents Stephanie J
NoFlag.svg Nocoa.png Saline Province 0.22 acres 2 Residents Cynthia A
NoFlag.svg Nocoa.png Pulaski Province (about) 2.5 acres 13 Residents Ayden T (de Facto, no official)
NoFlag.svg Nocoa.png Garland Territory 0.71 acres 0 Residents N/A (Ayden T de facto)
NoFlag.svg Nocoa.png Unorganized Territory of Tennessee 0.36 acres 1 Resident Missi T
NoFlag.svg Nocoa.png Unincorporated Semi-Independent Province of Xaidia 0.62 acres 2 Residents Rebecca D

Law and Order

The main Judiciary body of New Pulaskia, the Supreme Court of New Pulaskia, was officially established on Monday, April 4, 2022. It was established to hear all major criminal and civil cases of New Pulaskia. The Chief Justice of the Court is Kahlan H, who is also Police Chief. The Chief Justice is responsible for hearing all cases presented to the supremeand presenting a verdict after all the evidence has been presented. Two Judge positions are currently left open, when filled they will assist in delivering the verdict by deciding if the verdict is okay to be implemented. The Justice and Judges are nominated by the President and approved by the Presidential Council.

The National Police Force, the NPF, deals with detaining those allegedly accused of a crime until proven either innocent or guilty by the court. The Chief of Police is Dia B, her Chief Deputy is Kahlan H, and her Chief of Investigative Services is Rebecca D. The NPF continually serves to secure the nation to this day.

Foreign Relations

See also: Foreign relations of New Pulaskia

Currently, New Pulaskia has established relations with the countries of Xaidia, a small and relatively undeveloped micronation in the same region as New Pulaskia, and Aglezia, another larger nation in the same general region as New Pulaskia. New Pulaskia maintains an alliance with both countries (The Triple Alliance) and has looked to form an official alliance that other micro nations can join. The nation recognizes all UN member states, as well as recognizing Abkhazia, South Osettia, and Artsakh as autonomous within Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Cook Islands, Kosovo, Nauru, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Somaliland, Taiwan, and Transnistria, among others, as independent states. It also recognizes several independence movements.


Military and defense responsibilities in New Pulaskia are carried out by the Armed Forces of Pulaskia, which is composed of two independent branches, The Pulaskian Army and The Pulaskian Navy. Currently, the Army is the only branch with enlisted or commissioned service people, and as such soldiers in the Army are also responsible for the operation and upkeep of the Navy's fleet.

The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces is, by definition, the Pulaskian president. Thus, theoretically speaking, the president is fully in charge of the army. However, the Minister of Defense holds the actual control of the military and its equipment, training, and deployment. The Minister of Defense, as with all other Ministers, is elected democratically every year. The Ministry of Defense has control over the organizational and rank structures of the armed forces, as well as the establishment of military commands and troop placements and movements. In late August 2022, a new enlistee, Maddox T, the former Treasurer, joined the army, bringing with him an arsenal of NERF weapons including bows, machine guns, snipers, pistols, and melee weapons. In mid-October 2022 a new round of military drafting began in case of a possible war with Aglesia (Aglezia) allowing two new mercenaries to be drafted, as well as a few other soldiers such as Lily B and Kahlan H, who were designated as Army Reserves.

Currently, the Naval Forces of New Pulaskia only comprise a one-boat navy that patrols the waters of Lake Hamilton near the Garland Territory. It is a Party Barge that can carry as many or more than 10 people. It is typically used as transportation for passengers staying at the residence in Garland Territory. The Navy has not endured any conflict while operational.


Capital Building of Pulaskia

New Pulaskia is actually quite large. It comprises the non-contiguous federal district of the Capital, provinces of Pulaski and Saline, and the territory of Garland. The largest of these is Saline Province, being that after several provinces were grouped together, it made this province the biggest. All provinces are surrounded by the State of Arkansas.

The Capital comprises a moderately sized area, and is the only residence in the province, which also hosts the capital territory and building, It is maintained as a full district area in its own right due to the size of the outdoor areas and the house. The house is the current residence of the President. Of the large outdoor area, part is fenced in. Beyond that lies Provinstadt National Park and Nature Reserve.

The Pulaski Province, being a mostly honorary province, contains no residences, but was for a time thought to contain one house in the city of Alexander, AR (described below).

The Saline province contains 9 separate residences. One of them, which houses Ft. Tucker, a Pulaskian power base in Bryant, is a suburban home with a large backyard containing another vegetable garden, a trampoline, a decently sized tool shed, and a chicken coop. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a living room, kitchen, and laundry room. It also houses one house in the city of Alexander, AR. It is a one-story suburban home with a vegetable garden, a small tool shed, and a small toddler playground in the backyard. It serves as a part-time residence of the president and another citizen, and contains 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a laundry room, a living room, a workout area in the garage, and a kitchen. Other residences are not described as the owners of these residences wish to not disclose the details of their homes.

The Garland Territory contains the president’s part-time summer residence, holding one three bedroom two bathroom mobile home, as well as a large lawn facing Lake Hamilton and a dock where the boats of the Navy stay when not in use.

The Unorganized Territory of Tennessee is a small area of land not far from Memphis, TN. It is unorganized and currently only holds one citizen, Missi T. It contains one 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home with a good-sized backyard and shed.


Pulaskia has a humid subtropical with hot summers and cold winters. Rainfall and snowfall are evenly divided among the months of the year, and yearly sunshine hours average a whopping 5,160. Summer is hot and humid throughout Pulaskia, with average highs of 93 °F (34 °C). Winters are generally mild to cool, with average temperatures of 55 °F (13 °C). Early spring (March) is cool-ish and mid and late spring (April/May) is warm to hot.

Climate data for Pulaski Province (Based on information from the NOAA)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 11
Daily mean °C (°F) 5
Average low °C (°F) -2
Average Rainfall mm (inches) 88.90
Average rainy days (≥ 68) 6 5 7 6 7 6 5 4 5 5 6 6 68
Average snowy days 1.3 2.2 0.8 0.4 0.4 5.2
[citation needed]


Culture and Languages

The official language of New Pulaskia is English, with 100% of the population being native English speakers. All government business is written and conducted in English, and it is the only commonly spoken language among the populace. Some Spanish is spoken by a few select residents, about 33% of the population speaks Spanish well enough to engage in rough conversation with other Spanish speakers. Swedish, Portuguese, French, and the Aglesian language of Arganstan are also spoken by a select few. The culture is heavily influenced by American culture, with the populace celebrating Christmas, the 4th of July, Halloween, etc, as well as celebrating other dates, such as Pulaskian Independence Day.


Date Name Remarks
1 January New Year’s Day
3 Monday In January Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday Celebrates the life of Dr. MLK Jr.
3 Monday in February President’s Day (Also known as George Washington’s Birthday, used to celebrate US and New Pulaskian Presidents)
Last Monday in May Memorial Day Celebrating those who have fought and died for the US.
4 July US Independence Day Celebrated as a traditional holiday within New Pulaskia
First Monday in September Labor Day
October 4 Pulaskian Independence Day Day of the last signature on the Declaration of Independence
2nd Monday in October Indigenous People’s Day Celebrating Indigenous People of the Americas (instead of Columbus Day)
November 11 Veteran’s Day Celebrating those who have served in the US and Pulaskian Armies.
4th Thursday in November Thanksgiving
December 25 Christmas Day


The population of New Pulaskia stands at 13, with all citizens eligible to vote in annual elections. Any child born to a Pulaskian citizen after they become a citizen is a Pulaskian citizen as well. Most Pulaskian citizens live in the Pulaski/Saline County area of Arkansas with some outliers such as in Tennessee but regularly travel elsewhere. Many have mixed ancestry as Hispanic/Latino, German, Irish, Hungarian, Dutch, French and other groups.

Economy and Labor

The population of New Pulaskia is employed in a variety of jobs. Office workers, lawn care and landscape are some of the occupations held. Fish and deer meat is produced within the country as part of exports. Imports from the United States are almost everything imaginable, from clothing to food to electronics and art supplies.