History of New Pulaskia

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The history of New Pulaskia refers to the history of the Democratic Union of New Pulaskia and its lands. This does not include the pre-independence history of New Pulaskia. Since foundation in September 2021, it has grown to 18 members and a new flourishing height.

Foundation Era

Zackstovian Era

In April 2021 the nation of Zackblachia was founded. It was named for its founder, Zack Black. This new micronation, formed in Bryant and claiming territory within the city, soon grew to a larger size, with over 5 people in it. Just ‘across the pond’ as they say, the nation of Jaelandia sprang up, with almost 10 people in it. These two leaders and nations were already opposed to each other, and it quickly came to war.

Jaelandian War

President Tucker of Pulaskia was back then only a citizen of Zackblachia (soon renamed Zackstovia). The impending war turned the back end of the Bryant Elementary 4-5th grade playground into a war zone. A single day after the war began, the Zackstovian Army was fully formed and began continuous raids on Jaelandia’s capital and base, a dome shaped set of monkey bars. At first, skirmishes were small, but as battles grew larger, pressure increased. As tensions mounted and peace talks failed, Zackstovia collapsed into small states. The Republic of Table, the Republic of Angria, the Republic of Overbrook, and the Armstrong Clan were born as this occured. These nations were still united in their cause of defeating Jaelandia, namely after a final peace attempt was shattered as Jaelandian troops attacked diplomats.

Late Stages

As the war dragged on, more and more people were pulled into it. Huge setbacks were faced by the Zackstovian Alliance’s troops. Fort Pine, an outpost farther back in Zackstovian territory, was destroyed. Attempted defenses failed, overrun by huge and organized Jaelandian armies. Territory of the Republic of Overbrook (soon Nordlandia) was captured by Jaelandian forces. A lull in the fighting soon turned to almost complete peace, with Jae’s forces retreating back to the Yellow Fort. An official peace treaty was never signed. Jaelandia, along with Angria, Zackstovia, Nordlandia, the Nation of the Table, and the Armstrong Clan, all fell apart, becoming defunct.

New Republic Era

After 2 and a half months of inactivity, one of the former 4 members of Nordlandia, Levyn S, brought up the subject. President Tucker began to revitalize the country, updating the Google Sites page that he had founded the previous year and declaring Provinstadt (North Little Rock) as the capital. September 1 was made to be the new Independence Day, and the Constitution was ratified (unofficially) the 6th. It was a period of development, but a period that soon ended in stagnation. The nation ultimately disappeared for about 2 months as winter set in.

Pulaskian Era

New Pulaskia

By late January 2022, a new nation was being formed. Though Nordlandia had, in name, survived, it was replaced with a new country. Its name: New Pulaskia. Increased membership began, and, population increasing, the first elections occurred, bringing Stephanie J as Vice President, Maddox T as Treasurer, and Ayden T as president. They were sworn in on March 18 2022. A period of growth and revitalization occured, and it looked on a bright future. But the Golden Age was only soon to come.

A Golden Age

In April 2022, new growth came to the nation. The foundation of the Pulaskian Navy came with new additions to the nations. Notably, Kahlan H and Joseph C were important additions which influenced growth. Alongside them came Brayden A and the formation of the Pulaskian Army. The NMSA (National MIlitary and Science Administration) was also formed, and that came also with the foundation of New Pulaskia’s Microwiki Page, and the Constitution was edited and rewritten to work more smoothly. This truly was a period of growth! As the Constitution was improved, The police force and the Pulaskian Supreme Court were formed and place under Kahlan H, and in spite of an attempted coup to overthrow the President when he was out for a week with COVID (which failed and led to an inconclusive court case), the country saw continuous growth, hitting ten people as it continued to grow. As tensions grew between government officers, the President made a compromise that led to the creation of the Autonomous Province of Josentia in May, which would have the freedom to make its own laws free of the central government.

Elections and Coup

As the country of New Pulaskia grew and flourished, elections were coming over the horizon. In May 2022, elections began. By the 16 of May, voting began and those running for positions were established. It was a tense time, as Joseph C’s extremist Spaghetti Party planned, if Joseph won president, to instate an oligarchical system and rule of the elite, with a proposed rule of “three kings”. Luckily for the nation, Joseph failed to get President, with the Liberal Conservative Party taking a victory with Ayden T claiming the office as well as that of Minister of Media, Kahlan H becoming Vice President, head of the Pulaskian Medical Association, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Joseph Crumpler becoming Treasurer and head of the NMSA. Some of these moves spurred protests, namely the President taking the title of Minister of Media as it was believed he would hold too much power. Around this time, Xadia and Aglezia, two new micronations, would come into contact with New Pulaskia, with both Supreme Dictator of Aglezia, Gavin M, and President of Xadia, Rebecca D, would reach out and establish diplomatic ties. Pulaskia was also embroiled in a vaguely remembered war that concluded with a peace against a forgotten micronation. This would end main government action as the summer set in, but in early July, Maddox T, former Treasurer, launched a coup to reinstate himself as Treasurer. This would later be reversed, and Joseph C would be returned to his position. During the middle of the summer, Ayden T would contact both Kahlan and Joseph. Though neither would respond, he would suggest, for the first time, the Narcotics act to ban smoking and drugs on July 11th, and would inform Joseph of the coup on the 12th.

Union Era

M.P. Movement and Triple Alliance

In September, among the country’s first anniversary, tensions began to rise between Pulaskia and Xadia. This nearly caused a coup, which was prepared to be enacted by Kahlan H and Rebecca D, though it was narrowly avoided. Soon after, the President and Treasurer would enact the Military Preparedness Movement without full Council approval under that name, beginning the draft of soldiers into the Army, namely Maddox T and his arsenal of NERF weapons. The Xaidian anti-Expansionists were against this, and confusion racked the government. Ultimately what diffused tensions between Xadia and New Pulaskia would be the Triple Alliance treaty between Xadia (Xaidia), New Pulaskia, and Aglezia, which was, at first, only in word, but not in writing (though a separate alliance treaty was signed with Xaidia soon after the agreements were made).

Currency and (Official) Independence

After this occured, a round of currency battles began. They had been slowly starting before, but by this point they were really taking off. These were debates over the name, value, and look of the currency, which had been talked about since the year before. Some suggestions were ‘galleon’, ‘gallon’, ‘conkidant’, ‘conquidant’, and, the one that would, unofficially, succeed, the Pulaskian Dollar. On September 9, the Pulaskian Times, one of the official newspapers of New Pulaskia, was first written and published. On the 22 of September, the Aglesian leader Gavin McManigal showed some stones to Chairman of the NMSA, Joseph C. Ayden T would take them for safekeeping and send photos for studying, but the stones, labeled as ‘celestite’ (though it had the properties of a shiny green and purple rock), would later be stolen. As the currency battles continued, they got much worse. The Treasurer attempted to override the process of naming the currency, and the Constitution, still in progress, was pulled out to defend the naming of the currency, stating the Council should decide upon the official name of the currency. At the same time, commerce was opening up, with the opening of Crumpler’s Candies (later Joe’s Treats) and the Pulaskian Wax Makers. Later, the official Declaration of Independence was written and would be signed and made official on the 6th of October. The Constitution was also edited, a process which would continue for around 2 months.

Government Exclusion Act and Union Proposals

The signing of the Declaration of Independence also caused some tension, culminating in the brief resignation of Kahlan H. This left Rebecca D to take over, though it was debated if she should, though chain of command allowed her to take over. Even more controversy arose when Kahlan reconsidered and cancelled her resignation. Ayden gave the go-ahead, informing officers of Kahlan’s return, but Rebecca then demanded a ‘vote of approval’, which Kahlan won. This again caused a seesaw effect, with Rebecca not only resigning, but (not for long) disbanding Xadia and its alliance. Chaos grew, apologies flew, and newspapers were covering up what really happened, resulting in the first publishing of the Pulaskian Gazette on October 7th. Apologies eventually got to Rebecca, and tensions were somewhat soothed. However, in the wake of this chaos, Joseph C proposed the Government Exclusion Act, to keep foreigners out of the government. Rebecca, meanwhile, would propose a Union of Xadia and New Pulaskia, though ceremonies were postponed for a vote on the unification. These would be voted on, and tensions rose as the vote dragged on. Commerce also continued to grow. A new company, Eagle Arrows, sprang up, devoted to teaching the art of archery, though it would soon shut down to lack of business, signaling a decline in commerce. Meanwhile, voting was continuing, and tensions were getting higher. At the same time, a nationwide sporting event was proposed and funded by the NMSA. It would, however, soon disappear from the Pulaskian consciousness.

Aglesian-Pulaskian Tensions

As a whole week of voting concluded, tensions grew. The Pulaskian Gazette reported, Friday, Oct 14, that a huge 83.3% of voters voted for the Government Exclusion Act, while it was a 50/50 split between anti-Unionists and pro-Unionists. At the same time, the Times reported on this, as well as the new Pulaskian Pumpkin Patch and the Minister of Media approved the continued publishing of the Gazette. This occured at the same time the MoM began to lose power. On the same day, October 14, the Aglesians invited the Pulaskian and Xaidian leaders to an Inter-Micronational Conference. It was a cause of much excitement, as it was the first one in the area since 2021. However, unbeknownst to them, it would only cause more chaos. It started off peacefully on October 17, with discussions of a non-aggression treaty, but quickly turned darker. Gavin Mcmangial, leader of Aglesia, said he had been sent to assassinate Rebecca and Ayden, leaders of the nations. Furthermore, he said he was sent by Kahlan Higgins. Though this last fact would be proven false by testimony of Gavin, it caused great disturbance in Aglesian-Pulaskian bonds. The TESO (Travel, Electricity, and Safety Organization) was created to protect citizens in case of war, and the two (along with Xaidia) were being pushed to the brink of war. Military drafting began, and Pulaskian Military plan 002 was drawn up for a possible war.

Vote of the Union

As the Pulaskian-Aglesian tensions died down, the Presidential Council, which had been debating on how to break the voting ties, voted on the Exclusion Act and Union. The results came out with a favor of the Exclusion Act becoming law and the union to fail. This caused a huge argument between Pulaskian and Xaidian leaders, resulting in broken resolve for both, but by the time the dust had settled, they were friends again and on the same page. They reasoned with the court and Council. The Pulaskians had had their vote, but the Xaidian people had not. And so, Xaidians voted, and, of course, the union came through, allowing Xaidia to join as the Unintegrated Autonomous Province of Xaidia, which, just like Josentia, had freedom in law-making and was essentially still a separate country. At the same time, the Gazette was reporting on both of these, allowed by the Ministry of Media (whose position began to decline). Meanwhile, in the TESO, Rebecca Davis took the position of Head of TESO, with Kahlan to advise her. Soon after, Joseph would suggest opening a pharmacy for growth and to not have to spend thousands of dollars on healthcare in the US, but this was never implemented. Around this same time there was a dog attack taking place in Saline Province which resulted in damages to Pulaskian land. Meanwhile, on 27 October, Aglesia was reported to have called off the attacks on Xaidia which had started after the UIM Conference. A few days later, as the President fell ill along with Rebecca Davis of Xaidia as flu swept the nation, which even caused a statement by the PMA saying to report symptoms, a reported duel was held between Joseph and Gavin for the title of Supreme Inter-Micronational Dueler. It is not known if it happened, as no possible eyewitnesses have any recollection of it. At the same time, just a few days later, Kahlan Higgins, the stand-in for Rebecca and Ayden both, would meet with Gavin to discuss a stronger alliance, which would produce some results.

“Civil War”

By the time Ayden and Rebecca had returned from their sickness, there were rumors spreading that Brayden A was using the nation’s resources to start a civil war. First spread by Joseph, the chaos sown would only grow. The Times for the next day, November 4, reported that Brayden had revolted to take control with support of the Treasurer (though he claimed to be spying) and Gavin McManigal (who said he had no knowledge of such a rebellion). Just a day before, on November 3, the day Joseph had sent his civil war email, a email was received from Dia Bird, a newcomer to New Pulaskia, stating that Joseph was revolting and had asked her to join, but she turned him down telling him she "lived for this land". She also stated that Gavin was in on this as well as Brayden, swiftly turning public opinion more towards Joseph than Brayden and that the military would, under the banner of Joseph and Brayden, attack and overthrow the government. The civil war also birthed a new nation, Saidlund, under the control of one Elliott Smith who was on the side of the rebels. Kahlan H was also accused of being in league with the rebels. As the Times stated, the Xaidians were not targeted or attacked, as this was not the rebels’ intentions. Later, just after the publishing of the Times for that week, Saidlund declared war at 10:13 AM on Friday Nov 4. This was a true war. Meanwhile, on the other side, Joseph C said the military was primed to look as if they were on the rebels’ side, but would turn on the rebels with just a single command. This, however, was met with skepticism. Eventually, the chaos died down and a court case was proposed, just as the civil war was revealed to be fake. That’s right, the war was just a rumor, started to fuel chaos and possibly a prelude/experiment for either a larger rebellion or to see how the government would react in such a case. The court case was still being called for to reveal the full truth, and this came with the naming of Dia Bird as Chief of Police, with Kahlan as Deputy Police Chief and Rebecca as Chief of Investigative services. There was also a small incident where Joseph attempted to force Ayden to take Brayden into custody of the NPSS (Secret Service), though it was narrowly avoided.

Referendums and Voting

The court case was eventually abandoned as no time could truly be set for a perfect court case. At this time, the Constitution of New Pulaskia, an old document around since early 2022, was finally completed and signed by Ayden T. Following the “civil war”, it was passed through Kahlan Higgins, who read through and signed. It died down for a while, taking a backseat as a vote began on 10 November to keep or abolish the Autonomous Province of Josentia. The reason being was stated as “not being useful to the nation” and “being created to appease Joseph Crumpler”. The Pulaskian national anthem also went through a referendum, which would be (slowly) voted on. Reasons for this were stated as the current anthem not being memorable or central to Pulaskian citizens. And so voting began… just as a tornado tore core areas of the nation apart, almost striking the President’s temporary residence (though he was not there), and left many important officials cowering in rooms and shelters. As voting dragged on, many voted. By the end of the Josentia vote, 75% of voters voted for its abolition, with those people stating it was “unnecessary to the national function” and “it could be a place for refugees and schools”. It would, however, not be abolished after voting ended. National anthem voting was more tense, though it would not conclude until later. However, as of the first week of voting, “Pulaskia, Land of Peace and Justice!” and “It’s Pulaskia!” were clearly on top compared to the other 4 submissions. Meanwhile, Rebecca had also received the Constitution (which she read and signed) after the unresponsive week after it was sent to Joseph.

Constitution and Anthem

After his return, Joseph’s silence around his Constitution signing and anthem voting was revealed to be pneumonia, causing chaos and quarantine advisory from the PMA, but after his return, a great event would occur. On December 1, after a long wait, Joseph C became the last signature on the Constitution to fully ratify it. It was a day of rejoicing and delight for all in New Pulaskia as they celebrated this momentous occasion, and just a few days later, Joseph C himself was back from a supposed case of pneumonia to celebrate with them. Meanwhile, as voting on the anthems concluded, it left one winner on top. Pulaskia, Land of Peace and Justice came out on top, beating out “It’s Pulaskia!” for the title of national anthem, though it was not implemented until much later as a tune needed to be decided on. Meanwhile, the creator of Pulaskia LoPaJ, Ayden Tucker, was angrily confronted by supporters of “It’s Pulaskia!”, who all said he had rigged the vote, though they quickly found this had not happened. They quickly made amends, and they did have LoPaJ as their second pick for anthem. As this died down, and as some peace returned to Pulaskia, event after event was approaching. First: the Bryant Middle School Winter Dance of 2022. It was an exciting time, and it was said that leaders of Aixaidia, Aglesia, and Pulaskia were planning to attend. And they were true. Many, including Rebecca D, Ayden T, and Kahlan H, attended, though this came with controversy as there was much fighting and claims of manipulation and blackmail by one or the other side. Chaos and friendships were being both created and broken by this, and tensions (for the first time in weeks!) were growing. Meanwhile, in a break from all of this, the first edition of Pulaskian News (Pulaskian TV) was released. The original idea was produced by Ayden T, but he had not the time nor the... er... time to make it, so Dia B became the official producer with Ayden as an assistant. Then came the blackmail. The supposed case of blackmail by the President of Pulaskia directed at the Vice President went largely ignored, but it began a long period of separation between the two (and Rebecca D, who mostly took Ayden's side). The accusations mostly went unnoticed or unacknowledged by others within Pulaskia, however. The dance itself then came on December 16, a momentous occasion, with the Times reporting it as a "rousing success". Then came a true time of calm. Despite the report of theft by Joseph C (reporting a stolen notebook taken by Rebecca and Kahlan, though they were alleviated as they did not intend to keep it), this time was... unusually calm. The next large thing to happen was the release of a report on national anthem music, which came in the Times reporting it was "in the works", along with the second crossword featured there, which signaled a rebirth within the paper industry of Pulaskia.