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President Ayden Tucker, often simply referred to as Ayden Tucker, is both the founder and first and so far only President of the Democratic Union of New Pulaskia. He was democratically elected twice as President, first in March of 2022 (he was sworn in on 18 March), and then again in May with the new election date established. He was not sworn in again on the latter date. He is also the Minister of Media of New Pulaskia (elected May 2022), and almost entirely writes and keeps up with the nation’s MicroWiki pages.

The period since his second election has been filled with growth and important events, especially the formalization of an Xaidian alliance and the strengthening of ties between Xaidia and New Pulaskia. He has also reformed the military, currency, and founded the United Church of New Pulaskia as well as the Liberal-Conservative Party of New Pulaskia. He wrote the Pulaskian Constitution, Declaration of Independence, drafted the Xaidian Alliance Treaty as well as the Xaidian-Aglesian-Pulaskian Non-Aggression Pact, and is currently drafting the nation’s Bill of Rights for review. He has weathered many crises, the COVID Crisis, Aglesian and Xaidian Crises, and the Defence Crisis (Pulaskian Civil War).

In addition to New Pulaskia, Ayden is a student at the Bryant Middle School in Bryant, Arkansas, plays in the BMS Band, is on the BMS Quiz Bowl Team, a Student Council Representative, and is Reporter/Historian of the Bryant FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter. He enjoys reading, art, history, geography, and creating and playing board games. He owns 2 dogs and is an avid player of both Minecraft and Roblox. He loves playing with his cousins, sister, and dogs.

Early Life

Ayden was born on 20 April, 2010 in Little Rock, Arkansas to Travis Tucker and Cynthia Aguirre. He was a very intelligent child, learning to read at the early age of 2 and being incredibly calm and quiet. He did not attend church for the majority of his childhood, especially after his biological mother and father divorced when he was 3 years old. This had a deep impact on the future president, causing him to be in a grey area where few traditions carried over. He would, at first, attend the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Bryant, Arkansas, with his maternal grandmother, taking many traditions with him that he would later put into the United Church of New Pulaskia. He would also occasionally attend St.Theresa’s Catholic Church in Little Rock, AR. He attended the Bryant Elementary School in Bryant, AR, meeting his friends Cade Armstrong, Gavin Pardee, Zachary Black, Oliver Janisko, and Cameron Daniels. This would be where he would begin forming his idea for a nation. During his schooling there, he would see both his mother and father remarry, importantly gaining his stepmother and her incredible passion for art, history, organization, and, through strict discipline, etiquette. This would influence him later on, helping him to conduct business as President.


During the fifth grade at Bryant Elementary School, Ayden would join the small micronation of Zackstovia, led by his friend Zachary Black. Several other friends joined the nation, just in time for the Jaelandian War. Serving as a general, soldier, and ambassador for Zackstovia, Ayden fought a war of words and weapons. The Jaelandians, however, would deal several defeats and refute any attempts at a diplomatic solution. This severely hurt the reputation of Zackstovia, causing independence movements to spring up. These were not quelled, and several areas, including what was an autonomous region (its name was unknown) in North Little Rock seceded. Thus new nations were born. Ayden was involved in one of these secessionist movements, one that would later birth the nation of New Pulaskia.

Republic of Overbrook

The Republic of Overbrook was the nation founded by Ayden, just one of many born out of the independence movements in Zackstovia. It was the first republic, and it would continue the war against the Jaelandians. This Republic, however, would endure its first test just days after its independence. The Jaelandians would attack at the Battle of Triangle Point, where the Republic of Overbrook would hold back the Jaelandians for long enough to receive reinforcements from the Zackstovian coalition made up of the allies of Overbrook, Angria, Zackstovia, the Republic of Table, and the Armstrong Clan. This would be a victory for the coalition, but Ayden realized that continuing to hold Triangle Point was impossible, and so he ordered a retreat from the area (though it would later be retaken by the coalition and gifted to the Armstrong Clan). The Republic of Overbrook would soon after be opted out in favor of the Beiyang Republic, though it was mostly a name change by Ayden that lasted for just a few days, giving way to the Republic of Nordlandia.

Republic of Nordlandia

Nordlandia would be the first time population grew from just Ayden to more people. Nordlandia would weather the latter part of the Jaelandian War, most of which was overseen by Ayden. He would go through the betrayal of Race Loux, which led to the fall of Coalition land in the central playground region, and would claim the Jaelandian capital for the Coalition after the Jaelandians retreated into the Yellow Fort area. The end of the war (though unofficially) would come quickly soon after, and Ayden settled in, with Nordlandia already at a peak of around five (the population numbers are unclear at this time). He would, however, become extremely flustered, as the future first Treasurer of New Pulaskia, Maddox Tucker, would continually refer to the nation as Nerdlandia. This would, later on, cause Ayden to change the name. But not yet. First came the late age of Nordlandia. Ayden would mostly forget about the nation around this time, but during the fall and winter, he began to revitalize the nation. Reiterating national symbols, beginning to write what would later become the Pulaskian Constitution, and emphasizing government positions (the foundations to the elections) were all ways that he developed Nordlandia, but he would realize it was untenable to maintain the nation, and it would collapse. Mostly.

A New Nordlandia

Ayden Tucker would have a very relaxed summer, completely (almost) forgetting about his small nation. But it was still there. Levyn Sandefer, considered one of the founding members of Nordlandia, would go on to remind Ayden about his small nation. And so, Ayden would begin something new. A New Nordlandia. He would remake his national symbols such as the national motto, seal, and just overall various things. The capital was declared at Provinstadt, and more people began to slowly trickle in. And so the Republic of Nordlandia entered a new age. One that, sadly, would end in stagnation as interest was lost. The nation would shrink back into another dark age… until interest was restored by one person: Maddox Tucker.

New Pulaskia

New Pulaskia was the brainchild of Maddox and Ayden Tucker. At least… the name was. New Pulaskia would truly be established by Ayden.