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Welcome to the New Pulaskia talk page, the center of discussion on everything New Pulaskia! Disclaimer! - MONITERED BY THE PULASKIAN MINISTRY OF MEDIA

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day everyone! Today, September 1st, is the official Independence Day of New Pulaskia. Hope y’all have a good Independence Day!

Mourning the Queen.

Today we all mourn Queen Elizabeth II. She died a few hours ago, (at the time of this addition), and the whole world has been mourning her. We honor the Queen today, and we all hope she rests peacefully. Thank you. Thu, Sep 8.


We will no longer be using this discussion page. The Pulaskian Times and Gazette, our news outlets, will be used. They will be uploaded to MicroWiki if any important events occur. Thank you. Goodbye.

Grand Re-Opening of This Page

We are reopening this page in order to allow the world to see what is happening within New Pulaskia.

(P.S. We have tried to get the times on the news area of the main page, but it will not work/open. It is made using Docs, if anyone has info about what’s wrong, if you could leave it here. Thanks!)