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State of Filostonia
Flag of Telania.jpg New Emblem.png
Filistonia Map.png|
Orange: Filostonia
Red: Eurania
White:Republic of Great Lumley
Blue: North Durham
Black: South Durham
Rose: East Sorrenian Confederacy

National Anthem:
The Motherland is Calling!

The Motherland Is Calling

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Capital Bretona

Official languages English

Denomyn Filostonian, Sorrenian

Government Federal Presidential Republic
President Miles of Sorrenia (USWP)
Prime Minister Harry of Sorrenia (NDLP)
Governor Matthew Of Sorrenia (USWP)

Legislature State Assembly
-Type Unicameral
Seats 18

– Formation 07/10/13

Area controlled 11.76 km2

Population (active and knowing) 4

Population (claimed) est. 8000

Currency Sorrenian Dollar ($)

Drives on the left

Military Revolutionary Army, Conflicts

Date formats Gregorian calendar

The Democratic Republic of Filostonia was a micronation located in the Sorrenian Federation. It was one of 6 states that are Semi-autonomous.


The flag background is green, representing the lush nature of the land, as the majority of Filistonia consists of farmland and forestry. The central emblem also represents this, also showing the strong socialist elements inside Filistonia.


The Democratic Republic of Telania was created on 2 November 2013. A Sorrenian state, Telania was founded by the President at the time, Lewis. Lewis' short reign as president ended soon after it began due to his lack of commitment and interest in his role. Upon his resignation, no elections took place to find a replacement, leaving Telania without a leader, until, on 8 May 2014, Sorrenian President Miles Of Sorrenia, personally elected UK born, Matthew Of Sorrenia to take control of the state. Since then, an updated flag has been assigned to announce new leadership in Telania and new territories have since been approved by the Sorrenian government.

On 1 June 2014, Matthew Of Sorrenia was granted permission to change the name of Telania. After much thought and consideration, the state was officially renamed, Filostonia (from the Greek word 'Fílo', meaning friend). This change of name also marked a new era in the states history, following the recent change in leadership.


Though the Democratic Republic of Filostonia, consists of mostly farmland, Newton Hall, a residential estate in southern Filostonia, was previously the largest in Europe. Newton Hall sits 2 miles (3.2 km) outside Durham City Center and has rapidly increased it's population since the 1960's due to it's convenience and affordable suburban housing. Newton Hall also has two shopping parades and a public library. There are two public houses on Newton Hall, the Jovial Monk, built in 1980 and the Newton Grange, built in 2006. The estate's first pub, the Newton Hall, was built in 1968 but was demolished in August 2009. A private nursing home now stands on the site.

Another place of interest which resides within the Democratic Republic of Filostonia is the Arnison Centre, though since extended and heavily modified since it was constructed in the 1990's, the Arnison Centre is home to many popular commercial buildings such as Sainsbury's, Macdonald's, Homebase and most recently, Marks and Spencers. The Arnison Centre provides fearce competition to Durham city centre as it offers both convience and a mass wealth of free parking. At current, plans to extend the Arnison Centre are in production.