Cold War Era

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Cold War era
June–July 2009

Sandefreistikhani propaganda of the New Euro-Erusian War, which was the climax and close of the era.

Preceded by   Crusading period
Followed by   Red epoch
Leader(s) Wilhelm I, New European Emperor
Robert Lethler

In history, the cold war of wiki history follows the crusading period. Officially the events that caused it occured during in May 2009 but were masked by otherevents at the time. It became its own place in wiki history in approximately June 2009 and lasting until the end of the New Euro-Erusian War in July 2009. The events include the rise of New Europe and Erusia as major powers on the wiki, massive ideological tensions between community members, and the height of influence from the Grand Unified Micronational.


The primary cause of this era was when the New European Army annexed North Carolina, and an alleged group of socialist micronationalists attacked the soldiers stationed there. The event itself to this day is disputed if had actually occured at all, or as was reported to the New European High Command. But when brought before the G.U.M. to give a statement General Field Marshal Matthew Breen made a comment regarding communism. When the delegate from Erusia asked him to ellaborate he was offended by his comparison of communism and imperialism. The following evening the New Euro-USMR Alliance was terminated, it was from this moment on that the two nations would be in a ideological war with eachother.

Sides of the Cold War 

The era ended up being exactly the same as the Macro-Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. With Erusia expanding its influence and promoting communism and socialism. And New Europe by promoting monarchism and imperialism, and at times fascism. The two sides eventually created formal alliances that compelled the support of the nation they supported. The I.S.A. favoured Erusia, and the Triune Alliance favoured New Europe.

These were different types of alliances however. The I.S.A. was an alliance of political parties that publicly condemned actions of New Europe for their "oppressive imperialist" policies. Were as the Triune Alliance was a military alliance, designed for its members to attack Erusia and its allies if one of them was attacked by Erusia or one of its allies.



Triune Alliance


War and collapse

With the Eurogate controversy causing tensions to run high throughout June 2009, it was clear to the G.U.M. that a war was brewing between the two sides. And there was a final attempt to keep the peace. Unfortunately the negotiations failed and New Europe declared war on Erusia. New Europe began making demands that its supporters and allies join the war, but this was not received as well as the imperial government thought. St. Charlie withdrew from the alliance and Scientopia declared war on New Europe. Petorio went into inactivity and other micronations saw New Europe as the aggressor and offered no support.

The war went on and ended in a draw, but New Europe walked away humiliated from it. But some good did come from this era, it lead to the Treaty of Universal Non-aggression which has cut microwars in half.

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