Crusading period

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Crusading period
March–June 2009

Meissner Antifan War, first major conflict of the era.

Preceded by   Early-Wiki era
Followed by   Cold War era
Leader(s) Jacob Tierney
Kalvin Koolidge

In history, the crusading period of wiki history follows the early-wiki era. Most refer to the period beginning from approximately March 2009 and lasting to around June 2009. The events are surrounded with conflicts and wars, it also includes the rise of strong governments, and the beginnings of recognizable nation states that are the direct antecedents of today's states and the increase credibility of the Grand Unified Micronational.

Black March

The term Black March is used to describe a period in the then-active MicroWiki community's history (specifically, March 2009) when a number of micronational states were engaged in armed conflict with one another. In addition to an unusually high number of prolonged conflicts, Black March also saw a deterioration in bilateral ties between numerous states, culminating in a period of lengthy diplomatic tension. The first reference to the phrase "Black March" was by the leader of the Kingdom of Camuria and was subsequently adopted by the Grand Unified Micronational, who later adopted it as a historical time period. 

Most concur that Black March constitutes four armed conflicts, although some have argued that an additional three conflicts - both of which began in January 2009 and were ongoing as of April 2009 - should be included in the list. All six conflicts are as follows:

Dark April

Following the adoption of the term Black March, the community used the term White April to describe their hopes that the following month would be devoid of armed conflict. Many micronations went to great lengths to assert they were in favour of the idea of a White April - many parties from the New-Euro Scientopian War subsequently signed treaties of mutual non-aggression and even Alliance. Leaders of nations such as Francisville, Petorio and Camuria all vowed to strive for a "White April", and State Media in the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics repeatedly emphasised the need for peace in the opening days of April 2009. On April 9 however, all hopes for a White April were dashed when the New Europe declared war on the Kingdom of Camuria. After the start of the Camurian War President Kalvin Koolidge used the term "Dark April" to describe the ruined chances of a White April occurring.

Cold June

After the conflicts in March, April, and May 2009, Ex-Emperor Timmy III of the Kingdom of Neutralia declared June 2009 to be White June, a gesture he hoped would promote peace and stability. Leopold Evans, the man responsible for some of the wars of March and April, had been captured and was put on trial. But the beginning of the Erusian Civil War, and the constant worry of tensions between the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and the Empire of New Europe escelating into a future armed conflict, maade many feel a so-called White June was unattainable. Although war between the two did occur, it did not during this time period.

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