City of Kronstadt

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County of Kronstadt
—  County and capital of Wallenia  —
Kronstadt in the winter with an Austin Seven in the foreground.
Kronstadt in the winter with an Austin Seven in the foreground.

Country Kingdom of Wallenia
Founded 21 December 2019
 - Count Jan Kees Hendrik I
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Time zone UTC

Kronstadt was the capital and most populous city of Wallenia; with a population of 6 founded within the Dutch mainland and surrounded by the Netherlands, It is also the seat of government of Wallenia and hosts most of the Wallenian companies and enterprises, Kronstadt is also the capital of the County of Kronstadt, the city is the seat of the Royal Court, Parliament, the Supreme Court, Most foreign embassies however are located in Wallenstad

After the dissolution of Wallenia the city along with Chardonnay was ceded back to the Netherlands Altough later re-claimed when the Republic of Leppa declared independence, but was renamed to Kennedy City


Pursuant to the Wallenian Constitution, the city of Kronstadt is one of the two cities that are accountable to the King. The other city with the same status is Walenstad on mainland Wallenia and both are counties. The administration of Kronstadt consists of the by the king appointed Count, who leads the executive branch, However, as part of the National Government, the national legislature enacts laws that are binding in Kronstadt. The executive branch under the Mayor comprises the City Manager and various branches of civil service offices.


Kronstadt is seen as the centre-point of Wallenian culture Kronstadt is the residence of the former Wallenian monarch,Jan Kees Hendrik I and several (former) royal palaces can be found in the city.

Kronstadt has its share of museums, most notably the Private Collection of Classic Cars, in the South, which exhibits many cars owned by JKH. Other museums include the science museum, the national postal museum and the Wallenian archives