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CFM Champions.png
Number of teams32
Current championsBugolaviaFlag.jpg Guntenov FC (Bugolavia)

The CFM Cupis international tournament football competition contested by clubs of the members of by the Confederação de Futebol Micronacional (CFM).


Season Winners Runners-up Number of teams
2018.3 DeltariaFlag.png Caesaria Demeuner Football Klub (Deltaria) BugolaviaFlag.jpg Guntenov FC (Bugolavia) 32
2018.4 Noflag.png Bauska F.K. (Livonia) TerranovaFlag.png Arsenal de Metrópolis (Terranova) 32
2019.1 Pathros.gif Minotaurs F.C. (Pathros) Noflag.png Zoe Nación Club (Platina) 32
2019.2 BugolaviaFlag.jpg Guntenov FC (Bugolavia) RUPA.png FC Coimbra Reino Unido de Portugal e Algarves 32

Performance by club

Clubs Winners Runners-up
Noflag.png Bauska F.K. (Livonia) 1 0
DeltariaFlag.png Caesaria Demeuner Football Klub (Deltaria) 1 0
Pathros.gif Minotaurs F.C. (Pathros) 1 0
BugolaviaFlag.jpg Guntenov FC (Bugolavia) 1 1
TerranovaFlag.png Arsenal de Metrópolis (Terranova) 0 1
Noflag.png Zoe Nación Club (Platina) 0 1

Performance by micronation

Micronation Winners Runners-up
BugolaviaFlag.jpg (Bugolavia) 1 1
DeltariaFlag.png (Deltaria) 1 0
Noflag.png (Livonia) 1 0
Pathros.gif (Pathros) 1 0
RUPA.png Reino Unido de Portugal e Algarves 0 1

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