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Deltarian Empire
  • Deltarian:Dolflurentsher Kaizerreijk
    Portuguese:Império Deltariano
Flag of Deltaria
Coat of arms of Deltaria
Coat of arms
Motto: "Zür Rächie u zür Populia Dolflurentsher"
(Deltarian: The Empire and the Deltarian People)
Anthem: "Eiderhøk"
(Deltarian: Singing of the Eagle)
Deltarian administrative units
Deltarian administrative units
Largest cityViolsth
Official languagesNone
National language
  • Portuguese
  • Deltarian
GovernmentDecentralized unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy with deltarian characteristics
• Emperor
Viktor I
• Prime Minister
Willahelm Violsth
LegislatureImperial Diet
commonly known as the Reijksfüst (Imperial Fist)
• Foundation
27 August 2015
• Reconquest War
15 November 2017
• Delto-Mansean Monarchy
February 2018
• The Secession
September 2018
• Gods' War
January 2019
• Total
290,995,789 km2 (112,354,102 sq mi)
• 2020 estimate
• Density
3,253/km2 (8,425.2/sq mi)
Gini (2021)26.9
HDI (2021) 0.937
very high
CurrencyDelta (δ)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+33
Internet TLD.del

Deltaria (deltarian: Dolfluza), oficially Deltarian Empire (deltarian: Dolflurentsher Kaizerreijk), is a constitutional monarchy in the heart of South America, internationally recognized for its unique culture that mixes Germanic, Roman and Nordic aspects. With an area of 290 995,789 km², it is one of the largest micronations in Latin America, behind only Platina and Piratini. It borders the United Kingdom of Bauru and São Vicente to the south and the Principality of Belo Horizonte to the east, in addition to being close to the Kingdom of Manso. Deltaria is an important member of the International Commission of the Treaty of Queluz, a South American organization that aims at regional development and mutual aid among its members.