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Kingdom of Saint Guimares
Reino de São Guimarães (Portuguese)
Flag of São Guimarães
Coat of arms of São Guimarães
Coat of arms
"Pedro é seu nome"
"Peter is your name"
and largest city
São Valeur
49°36′N 6°7′E / 49.600°N 6.117°E / 49.600; 6.117
Official languagesPortuguese • Spanish • English
Religion (2020)Roman Catholicism
DemonymGuimaranhense; São-Guimaranhense; Saint-Guimaraner
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Pedro Guimarães
• Prime Minister
• De facto a microstate
• Total
10,424 km2 (4,025 sq mi)
• Census
CurrencyLibra Guimarana (LGM)
Time zoneUTC
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.sg
  1. This nation is a member of the Confederação de Futebol Micronacional

The Kingdom of Saint Guimaraes (Portuguese: Reino de São Guimarães) is a micronation in North America of South American origin. It currently claims the territory of Puerto Rico, but actually administrates only a few properties. The capital of São Guimarães is the city of São Valeur, and the country's official languages are the Portuguese, Spanish and English.

The micronation was first de facto established in 1981 by King Cláudio I. In 1996 his wife assumed the throne as the micronation's first female leader. It was not until 2018 that the country was formally established as a micronation by the royal couple's 18-years-old son who reigns since then as King Pedro I.

Member of the Lusophone sector and culturally revolving around football (or soccer), São Guimarães is member of Confederação de Futebol Micronacional. The São Guimarães National Team is Runners-up of 2018.2 CFM World Cup.

Portuguese version São Guimarães/pt


São Guimarãeswas named after the micronation's founder, Pedro Guimarães.


In 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived in America, more specifically in Cuba. On the return of the Spaniards to America they arrived in the land of the island of Puerto Rico, in Puerto Rico there were Indians of North American origin, but the Spaniards soon made friends with them, but this friendship was false and they began to enslave the natives, they did not have to where to flee, since they were on the beach, then the Indian slave hand built several cities, among them the capital and current sub-capital, San Valeur and Asuncion, Spanish enslavement causes revolt, and in 1898 a libertarian Spaniard declares independence from the island, and the Kingdom of São Guimarães is born. Later in 1940, football arrives in São Guimarães, which would later become the most popular and most practised sport in the country. In 1963 Claudio Ricardo was born, who would become king in 1981, his wife also ruled a lot in the kingdom in 1996, the couple's first daughter was born, but she was not born in Sao-Guimaranhense territory, until in 2000 Pedro Gabriel was born to govern the Kingdom of São Guimarães in 2018.

Geography and climate

São Guimarães is located in the northern hemisphere, in the west between the tropic of cancer and the equator, has an average temperature of 27 °C and is located in the Caribbean.

Government and politics

São Guimarães is governed through a parliamentary constitutional hereditrary monarchy where the monarch, King, is the head of state and appoints a Prime Minister to serve as head of government.

Constitucional Monarchy
King: Pedro Gabriel Assunção Guimarães
Her Majesty: Melissa Rodrigues
Prime-Minister: Luciano
Princes: Gabriel Frederico de Anastácio, Olivier Adrien de Anastácio, Anastácio Guimarães
Duke: Murillo
Governors: Eduardo
Senator: Schweizer Sepp Quirin
Ministers: Eduardo, Luciano
Federal Judge: Luciano
Federal Deputy: Philippe Coutinho
Mayor: Alan Silva Alencar

Law and order

Constituição Política de São Guimarães.

Foreign relations

Allies: Venezuelan, Platinum, Império Zenitista Deltary, Kingdom of the United Nations, Reino da Cisplatina
Recognized for: Venezuelan, Império Zenitista Deltary, Kingdom of the United Nations, Reino da Cisplatina


The São Guimarães army is composed of 16 soldiers.
Aircraft: 2
Warships: 1
Tanks: 1
Active Soldiers: 6
Reservist: 10


GDP: 103 billion guarananas
GDP per capita: 31 thousand dollars
HDI: 0.823


The culture of São Guimarães: São Guimarães is a country, located in South America, of Latin culture influenced by the Portuguese, Africans and Germans. All this mix results in rich cuisine, colorful arts and crafts, vibrant music and traditional festivals.

Obras de Arte: A rosa da Noite - Leon Schmeichel
A ruela - Eduardo Reis


São Guimarães has one of the strongest teams of the micromundo by CFM, has been vice-champion of the world, and has more technicians and clubs than all countries affiliated to the organization, its national championship has 2 divisions with 8 clubs, other championships also like Glass of São Guimarães, the São Guimarães Cup, the Bronze Cup, the state championships, has 16 clubs in its federation, São Guimarães Football Confederation, whose president is Olivier, the clubs are:

Name of Soccer Club National Trophies State Trophies
São Valeur Futebol Clube 5 2
Assunção Futebol Clube 4 1
Clube Atlético Guimaranhense 0 0
Briesa Clube 0 1
Clube Atlético Di-Martins (Império Zenitista) 1 0
New West Futebol Clube 1 0
América Futebol Clube 0 0
Nacional Futebol Clube 0 0
Sociedade Esportiva Guamaní 0 1
Sport Club Ponce 0 0
Esporte Clube Boa Vista 0 0
Nova Futebol Clube 0 0
Esporte Clube Palmas 0 0
Santana Futebol Clube 0 0
Coamense Futebol Clube 0 0
São Patrício Futebol Clube 0 0

Another sport practiced in São Guimarães, is the Formula 1 of IGP Manager, with the Piston Cup with Deltária.


Researchers: Royal University of Micronationalism
Television Channels: SGTV, SG News
Radio Stations: SG Radio, Microsound FM Radio

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