Reino da Cisplatina

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Kingdom of Cisplatina

Fé e Perfeição
Hino da Ordem Cisplatinense
Salvador, Brazil
Capital cityReal
Official language(s)Portuguese
Official religion(s)Christianism
Short nameCisplatina
GovernmentConstitucional Monarchy
Area claimed300km²
Population50 citizens (2018 census)
CurrencyDólar Cisplatinense
Time zone(UTC)
National sportFootball Soccer
This nation is a member of the Confederação de Futebol Micronacional


The "Kingdom of the Cisplatina" is a Brazilian micronation founded by Marquês de Pombal affiliated to the Confederação de Futebol Micronacional, being one of the founders of Copa Libertadores of America together with São Guimarães


The culture of Cisplatina is very relevant natural things and few industrial foods the nature is very vast but has already been bigger has things like antiques of centuries as the most ancient bag of the country and the object dances does not have much relevant culture and football is a culture of centuries of our country.


On 31 March 08 the founder of the fatherland decided to make his country and to leave Brazil but he gave the position to Deraldo that made the Cisplatina an empire to everything in the beginning was very simple and had a population of 13 people and in the empire Marcos it remained until he finished with the empire to have a republic that had three presidents marks Deraldo and finally Rafael that elected Nazism in the Cisplatina in the Nazi time had 15 people and not so much the first detractor was Cecilia the only woman as the supreme power until today it almost destroyed the country until landmarks entered and shortly after elected the most socialism had foreign wars that elected the Nazi Kingdom of Saarland that lived for one day socialism was the worst order and was withdrawn after a long time and in the day 05/11 the new realm of Cisplatina arose and in that time the population increased to 29 from 15 to 29 in moments and until now it was the best government emplated. And thanks to the choice of the president are now an integralist empire.

Government and Politics

Constitucional not exact
emperor: Marquês de Colombo
emperor feminine: -
emporor II:livio
governor: Rafael
mayor: Cleusa

Foreign Relations

Allies: São Guimarães, Império confederação do equador, Deltaria e Imperio integralista zenista
Recognized by: São Guimarães, Império confederação do equador, Cascavel ,Império Acreano, Império integralista zenista, Deltaria e república integralista de libel.


The Army of Cisplatine have 8 soldiers. } |Aircraft: 0 |- |Warships: 0 |- |Tanks: 0 |- |Active Soldiers: 5 |- |Reserve Soldiers: 3 |}

Geography and Climate and territory and new flag

Cisplatine is located in the southern hemisphere, has an average temperature of 31 °C.





PIB: 0,659 reais
PIB per capita: 0,00759 reais
IDH: 0,703


Cisplatina is affiliated with the Confederação de Futebol Micronacional and is one of the Latin micronations present in the bloc. Together with São Guimarães, they founded Libertadores da América, whose 5 clubs in their country participate, its national championship, has 8 clubs , in which the first 5 go to Libertadores, a curiosity, is that in the first liberators, all Cisplatina clubs were invited. List of Clubs of Cisplatine:

Name of Soccer Club National Trophies A,B e C International Trophies

State championship

Sport Club Leeds United 0 0 0
Fênix Futebol Clube 0 0 0
Sport Club Internacional 0 0 0
Phoenix Futebol Clube 0 0 0
Araripina Futebol Clube 0 0 0
Vasco Futebol Clube 0 0 0
Piratas Futebol Clube 0 0 0
Clube Atlético Gladiadores 0 0 0

Another sport in Cisplatine its Voleyball. but as there was a territorial problem we had to join my selection with that of São Guimarães and our league was unified in 2019.

And besides these sports the sport of the country the baseblaze a sport made by the government of the country. Bandeira esportiva.png


Research: Pesquisa e Cia da Cisplatina
Television Channels: Preto e Branco
Radio Stations: Jornal Micronacional, ENEM and SNSP

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