Tsalojdom of Birgeshir

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Tsalojdom of Birgeshir
Coat of Arms
Motto: (English translation)''"Unconventional, and proud of it!"
Government Absolute monarchy
Tsaloj Deniz Yürük
Official languages: Birgesh; Italian, English
Population: 1
Date of foundation: 18 January 2010
Demonym: Birgesh
Currency: Euro(€)(EUR)

The Tsalojdom of Birgeshir (Birgesh: Цalojlık tæ Birgeşir; or simply Birgeshir in english,pronounced [birɟeʃir]; italian pronunciation [Birghescìr]), is an “extra-territorial” small micronation consisting of only one citizen. However, its government hopes to become "territorial" even if its territory is small and would be just a house or a room.


Birgeshir was founded around 18 January 2010 by Deniz Yürük as his own "ideal Nation". This led him automatically to assume the position of Tsaloj. Since Birgeshir foundation, the micronational has conducted all of its activity in a virtual hub.

In 2012,after the Tsaloj explained his desire to develop micronational virtual sports competitions,he was persuaded to join Micras. The Tsalojdom claimed small land on the planet of Micras and on 8 July 2012,Birgeshir's Micrasian claim was successful.

Deniz was initially skeptical about Micras since he considered many micrasian micronations to be just fictional and made for play.

Later,he accepted the simulationism movement and became more integrated in Micras since he considers simulation in Micras as "useful" for a "One Man Micronation" like Birgeshir because it explains and shows better its culture to other micronationalists (e.g. citizens names and last names,politics,sports and such). However,Deniz still points out that Birgeshir isn't a fictional micronation created for some sort of geofictional role-play,thus making Birgeshir one of the very few serious micronations on Micras.

Since most of the activities of Birgeshir are made in Micras,the micronation was wrongly belived to be inactive by some micronationalists.

The term “Цaloj”

Цaloj [tsaloʒ] (English: Tsaloj; Italian: Zaloj) is a birgesh title used to designate the monarch of Birgeshir.

The “One man nation

«It's not the place of birth that extablishes one's nationality.» (Deniz Yürük)

The "secessionist spirit" of the Tsaloj dates back to the early years of his life. But he had been brought closer to the world of the Micronations only later. Yürük tried his first and only micronationalism experience, becoming a citizen of Impero on 28 June 2009. It lasted a few months until he renounced his citizenship on January 14, 2010. According to Yürük, the main reason was that "within Impero continues to exist a "slightly Italian feeling". Yürük started to realized that secession from a nation should not necessarily happen solely and exclusively for political reasons. This could also happen for a sense of not belonging to that Nation regardless of the political situation. If a person secedes from a Nation for purely political reasons, he/she would risk to create an alternative Micronation,but at the same time,very similar to the Nation from which he/she is separated.

From this, born also the theory of "Nation of the individual", namely the Nation populated or begun by an only one person. According to this theory, a Nation can be defined as such even if it is populated by a single person because he/she can have all his/her own cultural characteristics exactly like a Nation. Birgeshir was founded on this theory. But,obviously,does not exclude the possibility of an increase of citizens.


Formerly,the official religion in Birgeshir was Islam with a reformist and liberal tilt until June 8, 2014 when the Tsaloj Deniz Yürük had officially left Islam after 13 years as muslim ending the islamic era in Birgeshir. The micronation is currently Kemetic-oriented. In case of a possible increase of citizens, everyone has freedom of religion. The only thing prohibited is the proselytizing of any religion. It is considered a trouble of the public quiet and not a right use of freedom.


Birgeshir's official languages are Birgesh,English and Italian. The Birgesh language sounds similar to the Turkic languages and the East Slavic languages.


The Tsalojdom of Birgeshir is an Absolute Monarchy. In case of increase of citizens, it will pass to a Parliamentary Monarchy.

Foreign relations

Since joining Micras in 2012,Birgeshir has foreign relations with other micronations on the planet despite its neutral position in micrasian affairs. Outside Micras,Birgeshir gained full diplomatic recognition from the Aerican Empire in 2013 and both micronations continue to deeply value their friendship. Birgeshir also has foreign relations with Hasanistan.


While it's true that Birgeshir is influenced by Turkic,Eastern Slavic and Ancient Egyptian culture,this is for the most part an "aesthetical" element. The micronation is strongly "futuristic" in the sense that its government supports science and technology for the purpose of improving every aspect of life and society,even if it means overturning things as we know them today.

Deniz Yürük has always stated that Birgeshir is like an "alien embassy" on planet earth. This is because the micronation mostly differs from human customs.

Clothing in Birgeshir

In Birgeshir, a combination of western and ancient egyptian-like clothing is weared. Hence,it is considered normal to see both men and women wearing wigs,jewelry and black kohl for marking their eyes besides western clothing.

Work in Birgeshir

It is constitutionally illegal to work more than three/four hours. In Birgeshir,a job is a cog that makes society functional but it must not become the meaning of life nor should it be performed just for personal profit. Also,it should not hinder progress. The cultivation of more hobbies is strongly encouraged and having more time for family and oneself is considered important.

Marriage in Birgeshir

Polygamy is permitted for men and women. Polyamory is considered normal.

Men and Women in Birgeshir

Men and Women have the same rights,however they are also expected to act like people who are on the same level in everyday life. In Birgesh society there are not rigid gender roles and stereotypes.

Sports in Birgeshir

Since Birgeshir isn't a micronation with territory and many citizens, sports are simulated only virtually in Micras. Sports appreciated in Birgeshir are different: Pondball [1],Blood Bowl,Soccer [2],Baseball [3], Basketball [4], Volleyball [5],Rugby League [6],Rugby Union [7], American football [8], Cricket,Weightlifting,Sumo wrestling [9] and Professional Wrestling.

Birgeshir has its own national sport called Brosatamış [10].

Music in Birgeshir

Typically traditional Birgesh music has influences from its past islamic era and current kemetic era. This means that music in Birgeshir range from arab music,ottoman music and ancient egyptian music and thus it is composed from the phrygian dominant scale, double harmonic scale, phrygian scale, and lydian scale.

However,western-style music styles like pop music and underground music with the production of alternative Birgesh rock,metal, electronica, hip-hop/rap and dance music are also very popular.