Süper 8

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Süper 8
FormerlyBLR (2020-2021)
SportRugby union
FoundedJune 2020
Motto"The ideal league!"
Inaugural seasonJune 2020
No. of teams8
CountryBirgeshir.png Birgeshir
Most recent champion(s)Şaspat RK
Most titlesOlimpëtvor RK (6 titles)

The Süper 8 (Super 8), is a virtual rugby union competition in Birgeshir played on World Class Rugby 2.

The league emphasizes and takes full advantage of its virtual aspect, implementing "fast-paced" seasons, coed teams, flexible schedule and never-aging players.


Former logo of the league (as "Birgeş Lig tӕ Ragbi") used from June 2020 to February 2021.

The first Birgesh virtual rugby union league was the Endüstriyelig, created in 2018 during Birgeshir's affiliation with the Fédération Micraise de Sport on Micras. The league had a realistic approach in its simulation, much like many other micrasian sports leagues. The Endüstriyelig had only 4 teams that represented fictional companies based on real Birgesh projects.

In late May 2020, Birgeshir left Micras disbanding all its sports leagues on the planet, including the Endüstriyelig. Since April 2020, Deniz Yürük expressed his intention of creating a new Birgesh virtual rugby union competition outside Micras and during June of the same year, the league was finally founded under the name of "Birgeş Lig tӕ Ragbi" (BLR), becoming the first Birgesh domestic sport competition to be simulated independently. In March 2021, the league changed its name to Süper 8.


Seasons are played on World Class Rugby 2, a video game released in 1994 for the SNES by Misawa, using the "League" mode of the game. All teams are controlled by the computer with the exception of Olimpëtvor RK which is controlled by Deniz Yürük.

World Class Rugby 2 was chosen for its overall simplicity and as a tribute to Retrogaming. Also, even though the game doesn't allow to create female players, its simple graphics make it less "uncomfortable" to rename players with female names in order to represent them on the field.


There are 8 teams in the league and they play against each other once. At the end of the season, the highest-ranked team is crowned champion.

Seasons are not simulated once every year like in reality and previous Birgesh leagues, but rather every year has an indefinite number of seasons.


Since Birgeshir aims to become a territorial micronation, at least by claiming territory in a house, the league consists of 8 teams representing some rooms and spaces found in most conventional modern houses.

Club Location
Daşarmak RK Mutfak
Giriş Holüspor RK Giriş Holü
Karyatlant RK Balkon
Melxalk RK Vanya
Mëzalspor RK Otaq
Olimpëtvor RK Otaq
Öturma Salof RK Öturma
Şaspat RK Otaq

List of champions

Teams that have won multiple championships display gold stars on their team badges and jerseys. In Birgeshir the practice is to award one star for five titles, two stars for ten titles, three stars for fifteen titles, four stars for twenty titles, and five stars for thirty titles or more.

The following clubs have been officially allowed to wear stars.

Year Season Champion
2020 1 Şaspat RK
2 Olimpëtvor RK
3 Şaspat RK
4 Olimpëtvor RK
5 Olimpëtvor RK
6 Olimpëtvor RK
7 Şaspat RK
2021 1 Olimpëtvor RK
2 Şaspat RK
3 Karyatlant RK
4 Olimpëtvor RK
5 Şaspat RK