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Micronazione Sovrana Impero


L'importante nella vita non è il trionfo ma la lotta, l'essenziale non è aver vinto ma essersi battuti.
The important thing in life is not to triumph, but to struggle, the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought.
La Libertà
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Emanuele SpikasEmperor
- Massimo KonstitutionPrime Minister
Established1 February 2000

Impero is an italophone micronation based on the principles of freedom and equality. Impero came into being in February 2000, and through the years it evolved from a simple community to a territorial nation with its own set of government institutions, cultural productions, and ability to offer various services to its people.

Impero's population stood at 190 citizens, and the nation operated a radio station and a Web TV service, a university, and various cultural, scientific, and social organisations. From an absolute monarchy it evolved into a constitutional monarchy with a parliament, and a government elected by the people.

Today Impero is the greatest italophone micronation.

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