Bastaran Army

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Bastaran Army
באַסטאַראַן אַרמיי
Army Ensign
Founded10 June 2023
Country Kingdom of Bastara
RoleLand Warfare
Part ofBastaran Armed Forces
Anniversaries10 June
Commander-in-ChiefKing Judah I
Chief of StaffVacant
Deputy Chief of StaffVacant
Army Sergeant MajorVacant

The Bastaran Army is the principal land warfare force of the Kingdom of Bastara and a part of the Bastaran Armed Forces alongside the Royal Bastaran Air Force and His Majesty's Naval Service (consisting of the Royal Bastaran Navy and Corps of Royal Marines).

Members of the Bastaran Army swear allegiance to the monarch as their commander-in-chief.

The army is administered by the Ministry of Defence and commanded by the Chief of the General Staff.


The Bastaran Army was founded on 10 June 2023. It was formally established by the Armed Forces Decree and then later developed by the Army Decree. Both decrees act like co-constitutions for the army.


Army Headquarters is located in Doiwood. The command structure is hierarchical, with overall command residing with the Chief of the General Staff (CGS), who is immediately subordinate to the Chief of the Defence Staff, the head of the Bastaran Armed Forces. The CGS is supported by the Deputy Chief of the General Staff. Army Headquarters is further organised into two subordinate commands, Field Army and Home Command, each commanded by a Lieutenant General.

Field Army

Lead by the Commander Field Army, the Field Army is responsible for generating and preparing forces for current and contingency operations.

Home Command

Home Command is the Bastaran Army's supporting command - a generating, recruiting and training force that supports the Field Army.

Levels of Command

The structure of the Bastaran Army beneath the level of Divisions and Brigades is also hierarchical and command is based on rank. The levels of command are as follows:

Type of Unit Division Brigade Battlegroup Battalion, Regiment Company, Squadron, Battery Platoon or Troop Section Fire Team
Contains 3 Brigades 3–5 Battalions (Battlegroups) Combined Arms Unit 4–6 Companies 3 Platoons 3 Sections 2 Fire Teams 4 Individuals
Commanded by Maj Gen Brig Gen Lt Col Lt Col Maj Lt or 2Lt Cpl LCpl


Oath of Allegiance

All soldiers and commissioned officers must take an oath of allegiance upon joining the Army, a process known as attestation. The normal oath of allegiance is as follows:

I, [soldier's or commissioned officer's name], swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King Judah I, his heirs and successors and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully defend His Majesty, his heirs and successors in person, crown and dignity against all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of His Majesty, his heirs, and successors and of the generals and officers set over me


Candidates for the Army undergo common training, beginning with initial military training, to bring all personnel to a similar standard in basic military skills, which is known as Phase 1 training. They then undertake further specialist trade-training for their specific Regiment or Corps, known as Phase 2 training. After completing Phase 1 training a soldier is counted against the Army's trained strength, and upon completion of Phase 2 are counted against the Army's fully trained trade strength


Army Ranks
Field Marshal
Lieutenant General
Major General
Brigadier General
Lieutenant Colonel
Second Lieutenant
Officer Cadet
Warrant Officer Class 1 (RSM)
Warrant Officer Class 2 (CSM)
Staff Sergeant
Lance Corporal

Most ranks across the Bastaran Army are known by the same name regardless of which Regiment they are in. However, Private soldiers are known by a wide variety of titles; notably trooper, gunner, guardsman, kingsman, sapper, signaller, fusilier, craftsman and rifleman dependant on the Regiment they belong to. These names do not affect a soldier's pay or job.

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