Field Marshal (Bastara)

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Field Marshal
פעלד מאַרשאַל
Country Bastara
Service branch Bastaran Army
Rank groupGeneral Officers
NATO rank codeOF-10
Non-NATO rankO-11
Formation10 June 2023
Next lower rankGeneral
Equivalent ranksAdmiral of the Fleet
Marshal of the RBAF
Captain General

Field Marshal (FM) is the highest rank in the Bastaran Army. It is a five-star general rank. It is equivalent to Admiral of the Fleet in the Royal Bastaran Navy, Marshal of the Royal Bastaran Air Force in the Royal Bastaran Air Force and Captain General in the Royal Bastaran Marines - it also holds the same insignia of a marine Captain General.

It is a rank traditionally held by the Monarch of Bastara. When not held by the monarch, it can be awarded to officers that have been noted as having honourable service - and also traditionally in the office like Chief of the Defence Staff or Chief of the General Staff.

The rank was established on 10 June 2023.


The rank insignia of a field marshal in the Bastaran Army comprises two crossed batons in a wreath of laurel leaves, with a crown above.

List of Field Marshals

Bastaran Field Marshals
Rank Holder Date Assumed Dates Held
King Judah I 10 June 2023 10 June 2023 - Present

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