Kingdom of Bastara

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Kingdom of Bastara
מלכות פון באַסטאַראַ
Coat of Arms of Bastara
Coat of Arms
Motto: Deus Meus Testis
G-d as My Witness
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesYiddish
Judaism (Official)
GovernmentUnitary Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
Judah I
House of Lords
House of Commons
• Founded
9 June 2023
• 2023 estimate
CurrencyBastaran Pound
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

The Kingdom of Bastara (Yiddish: מלכות פון באַסטאַראַ), commonly known as Bastara, is a self-declared sovereign state often described as a micronation located in the United Kingdom. Founded on 9 June 2023, the nation describes itself as rapidly developing.

The nation is governed as a unitary semi-constitution monarchy. Parliament is sustained as the national legislature with the Prime Minister leading government and Monarch reigning as head of state.


Bastara was established on 9 June 2023 with the constitution being written and ratified by national founder, King Judah I. The government, monarchy and constitution were all established on 9 June. Since then, the monarchy has passed a number of royal decrees, known as 'The Early Decrees' which act as like mini-constitutions and establishing documents for things such as the armed forces, the establishment of the national religion and the Chief Rabbinate.

Politics and Government

The Kingdom of Bastara is governed as a unitary state and as a semi-constitutional monarchy, with functions as a parliamentary democracy.


The monarchy serves as the head of state of Bastara. They have a ceremonial and political role as they are granted both executive and ceremonial duties and powers. The monarchy appoints all government officials, including the prime minister and chief rabbi. They also appoint members of the Supreme Court, privy council and other institutions.

The monarchy is capable of passing decrees in some circumstances.

The current monarch is King Judah I, who has been reigning since 9 June 2023.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Bastara serves as head of government of the kingdom. By convention, they are normally the leader of the largest political party in the House of Commons and are constitutionally appointed by the monarch. The prime minister sits as a member of parliament, and chairs the cabinet. They nominate ministers for office and act as a senior advisor to the monarch. Officially they serve at the monarch's pleasure, but in practice they serve for as long as they have parliamentary confidence.


Parliament serves as the kingdom's legislature. It is bicameral - the House of Commons serves as the lower house and the House of Lords serves as the upper house. Parliament is granted the primary legislative abilities by the constitution. As well as this, the government originates in parliament, by convention from the House of Commons.


The Constitution of Bastara serves as the basis for the Bastaran system of governance. It outlines things such as the monarch's powers, parliament's structure and role, and the government's relationship with the legislature. It serves as Bastara's supreme law and grants the powers of judicial review to the Supreme Court of Bastara.

The constitution has been supplemented by some of the 'early decrees' - some of which outline things not defined in the constitution or help clarify vaguer parts of the constitution.

Foreign Affairs

Bastara is open to diplomacy from other micronations. Listed are the nations Bastara has relations with and recognises.

Formal Relations

Recognised States

Presently Bastara's recognition policy for other micronations which they don't have formal relations with currently is fairly lassies-faire and is primarily based on other micronations asking to be recognised. However, sometimes the Bastaran government recognises other mictonations without prior interaction with them as a nation or with a representative of it.

Excluding nations with formal relations, currently Bastara recognises the following:


Currently Bastara officially claims the island of Elobey Chico, just off the coast of Equatorial Guinea, which it has claimed since 26 July 2023. The nation chose the island mostly because it was uninhabited.

While Bastara isn't currently on the island the government seeks to possibly create settlements there, establishing Bastara as a physical nation. In the mean time, Bastara still says its main land is under the feet of its citizens.


The Bastaran currency is the Bastaran Pound. Economics are overseen by the Bank of Bastara and His Majesty's Treasury within the government.


Bastara's culture is a blend of British culture as well as Jewish culture. The national religion of the kingdom is Judaism, with the Chief Rabbi serving as the senior most religious leader within the kingdom.

No media organisations have yet been established within Bastara, currently any noteworthy news is announced directly by the government or the monarch.

The official language of Bastara is English with Yiddish as a recognised national language.

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