Monarchy of Bastara

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King of Bastara
מלך פון באַסטאַראַ
Coat of Arms
Judah I
since 9 June 2023
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchJudah I
Formation9 June 2023
ResidenceDoiwood Palace

The Monarchy of Bastara is the hereditary head of state and ruler of the Kingdom of Bastara. It is the oldest national institution within Bastara and plays a significant role in national life, and has executive power politically. Monarchs serve from the moment they take the throne until their death and their heir succeeds them.

The current monarch is King Judah I.


The monarchy was established on 9 June 2023 upon the kingdom's foundation. Upon its creation, King Judah I took the throne and began passing early royal decrees to help establish the kingdom and the monarchy.


The powers and duties granted to the monarch are granted largely by the constitution and include but are not limited to:

  • Appointing the Government and Government Officials
  • Dismissing the Government
  • Head of the Royal House
  • Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
  • Vetoing or Granting Royal Assent to Bills Passed by Parliament
  • Calling and Dissolving Parliament
  • Appointing Members of the House of Lords
  • Appointing a Chief Rabbi
  • Commissioning Military Officers and Granting Honorary Commissions
  • Granting Honours and Peerages
  • Issuing Royal Decrees

Styles and Titles

The monarch is commonly styled His/Her Majesty The King/Queen of Bastara, however is officially styled His/Her Majesty The King/Queen of Bastara, By the Grace of G-d, Head of the House of Rubin. Other members of the royal family are styled somewhat similarly to the monarch.


The monarch's consort is styled similarly to the monarch. They are typically styled as either Her Majesty Queen Consort of Bastara or His Royal Highness Prince Consort of Bastara based on the consort's gender.


The official succession rules for the monarchy haven't been fully outlined. However, according to the National Religion Decree all people in the line of succession are required to follow the national religion of Judaism.

List of Monarchs

Monarchs of Bastara
Title Monarch House Reign Era Claim to Throne
King Judah I of Rubin 9 June 2023 – Present Judahan National Founder

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