House of Rubin

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House of Rubin
בית רובין
Royal House
Country Kingdom of Bastara
Founded9 June 2023 (2023-06-09) (de facto)
21 June 2023 (2023-06-21) (de jure)
FounderJudah I
Current headJudah I
TitlesKing of Bastara
Royal Highness
MottoDeus Meus Testis
(G-d as My Witness)
Estate(s)Doiwood Palace

The House of Rubin is a Bastaran royal house and the royal family currently ruling the Kingdom of Bastara. Since its foundation in 2023, there has been one monarch from the House of Rubin: Judah I, who also established the house.


The house wasn't officially established until 21 June 2023, and was officially established by Judah I of Bastara. However, the house was de facto established on 9 June 2023 with the establishing of the Monarchy of Bastara.

List of Monarchs

Monarch from the House of Rubin
Name Reign Coronation
Judah I 9 June 2023 - Present 9 June 2023

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