Armed Forces of Bastara

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Bastaran Armed Forces
באַסטאַראַן אַרמד פאָרסעס
Badge of the Armed Forces
Founded10 June 2023
Current form8 July 2023
Service branches Bastaran Army
Royal Bastaran Air Force
His Majesty's Naval Service
Commander-in-ChiefKing Judah I
Prime MinisterVacant
Defence SecretaryVacant
Chief of StaffVacant
Vice Chief of StaffVacant
Military age16
Active personnel0
Reserve personnel0
Deployed personnel0
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The Bastaran Armed Forces, officially His Majesty's Armed Forces, are the military forces responsible for the defence of the Kingdom of Bastara. They also promote Bastara's wider interests abroad, support international peacekeeping efforts and provide humanitarian aid.

The armed forces consist of the Bastaran Army, Royal Bastaran Air Force and His Majesty's Naval Service (the Royal Bastaran Navy and the Corps of Royal Marines).

The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces is the Monarch of Bastara, currently King Judah I, to whom members swear allegiance. However, the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Defence typically advise the monarch on how to exercise these functions, or exercise them on the monarch's behalf with royal assent.

The highest ranking military officer is the Chief of the Defence Staff who is the overall commander of the armed forces and reports to the Ministry of Defence.


The armed forces were officially established on 10 June 2023 by the Armed Forces Decree - the first of a series of royal decrees known as 'The Early Decrees' passed under King Judah I. Despite this the functions of Commander-in-Chief was established on 9 June 2023 by the Constitution of Bastara.

Some of the other Early Decrees under King Judah I helped in the establishment of the armed forces. King Judah I has taken an active interest in the armed forces and actively seeks to develop them.


The armed forces are split into a number of different branches who each take on a specialised role in the defence of Bastara.

Naval Service

His Majesty's Naval service is the amphibious forces of Bastara. It consists of the Royal Bastaran Navy and the Corps of Royal Marines.

The Naval Service is under the jurisdiction of the Admiralty Office, and the overall naval service is lead by the First Sea Lord.


The Royal Bastaran Navy is the primary maritime force of Bastara. It consists of the Regular Navy and Naval Reserves. The navy operates Bastara's fleet of naval vessels and they work closely with the Corps of Royal Marines. The navy is responsible for Bastara's maritime operations, naval warfare and securing Bastara's ocean borders.

The navy operates under the Admiralty Office which falls under the Minister of State for Admiralty. The navy itself is managed by the Chief of the Naval Staff.


The Corps of Royal Marines are the Naval Service's amphibious troops. They also serve as Bastara's elite commando force. They operate on naval vessels but can also be deployed on land. Their role is versatile due to the nature of the force and their training.

The marine corps has the hardest training out of all of the military branches, which culminates in the Commando Tests. These tests examine recruits and officer cadets physical and mental strength and if they pass all of the commando tests, they earn the coveted commando beret and right to call themselves commandos.

There is no reserve component of the Royal Marines, all members of the corps enter into full-time service.

The corps, like the navy, operates under the Admiralty Office which falls under the Minister of State for Admiralty. The corps itself is managed by the Commandant General Royal Bastaran Marines.


The Bastaran Army is the primary ground warfare and defence force of Bastara. It is made up of the Regular Army and Territorial Army (Army Reserves). The army's role is primarily infantry based and also includes some military aviation and support branches.

The army also has been granted some ceremonial functions that include functions defending the monarchy.

The army operates under the War Office which falls under the Minister of State for War. The army itself is managed by the Chief of the General Staff, who chairs the Army Board.

Air Force

The Royal Bastaran Air Force is the primary air warfare and defence force. It operates under the Air Office which falls under the Minister of State for the Air Force. The air force itself is managed by the Chief of the Air Staff, who chairs the Air Force Board, and the Vice Chief of the Air Staff.

Both the Chief of the Air Staff and Vice Chief of the Air Staff are classed as air officers who are appointed by the monarch.

The air force is the primary operator of military aircraft and also provides air support to other branches of the armed forces. The air force is made up of the Regular Air Force and Air Force Reserves.


All branches of the armed forces recruit primarily and directly from within Bastara and Bastaran territories. The minimum age to be recruited is 16, but the government doesn't deploy troops externally unless they are at least 17.5. The maximum recruitment age varies from branch to branch and is also dependent on the role the applicant is wanting to join as.

All members are expected to serve for a minimum of 8 months after training before being permitted to leave.

Conscription is currently not active, and all members are volunteers.

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