Awards and decorations of the Republic of Atlantis

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Civil orders

Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor is the highest honor of the Republic of Atlantis. Given only to its own citizens, receiving for the devolpment of Atlantis. The award is conferred only by the President of the Republic of Atlantis.
  • Legionhonor.png Legion of Honor

Order of Atlantis

An especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the Republic of Atlantis, world peace, or any cultural or otherwise significant public or private endeavors
  • Gold
  • Diplomacy.silvet.png Silver
  • 100px-CRIBronzoW.png Bronze

Order of the Yellow Dragon

It was created in one class for the members of foreign royal families, presidents and prime ministers of Atlantis allies in sign of friendship. The Order was created by King Seth I, first king of the actually Republic of Atlantis. Given by the Prime Minister or the President of the Republic of Atlantis.

Order of Merit

The Order of Merit is conferred to citizens and non-Atlantis citizens. The Order of Merit is a Civil and Military Order given for merits in support of the Republic of Atlantis.
  • Ordine al merito.png Great Star of Atlantis
  • 100px-Grande ufficiale BAR.png Grand Officer
  • Commendatore.merito.png Commander
  • Ufficiale.merito.png Officer
  • Cavalieire.merito.png Knight

Military awards

  • IUC.png Presidential Citation Ribbon
  • Distinguished service.png Distinguished Service

Campaign medals


  • Salanian Civil War Ribbon
  • Milligansan War Ribbon
  • War of Retribution Ribbon
  • MOH Ribbon.png Republican Medal of Honor

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