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Asauiam was a micronation that was founded on 6 April 2011, before it became an S.A.D of the Republic of Arizona.

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Parati Sumus (We Are Ready!)*
Emerald Isle, NC
Capital cityJacksonville
Largest cityJacksonville
Official language(s)English, Spanish and French*
DemonymEmerald Islander
GovernmentRepublic of Arizona Territory
- GovernorTanmay pathak
- Deputy GovernorBruno mars
EstablishedAugust 18, 2010 - March 22, 2011
Reestablished April 6, 2011
Establishment as a Territory March 21, 2012
CurrencyUS dollar/Emerald Dollar

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The beginning of micronationality


The Empire of North Carolina (ENC) was the first attempt to start a micronation. ENC Was very restrictive, as only those of North Carolina birth could even enter the country. It covered all of North Carolina and some of Tennessee and South Carolina. It was disbanded after several Protests and problems with New Europe lasting a total of one week.


Soon after The fall of ENC, it was reorganized into a Democratic Republic called the Democratic Republic of Cliff Island (DRCI). The DRCI was more open in its membership than its predecessor group, as the previous group only allowed those who had been born in NC to join. The DRCI accepted all people who had been born in the US, Increasing its activity and numbers, But the North Carolinians of the group maintains control of the nation Like the President Sir. Jackson Niles Alexander who made first contact with the Micronational community in late January 2010. Soon after its creation, the DRCI was rocked by a Rebellion called the Clarke Rebellion. The Government was soon able to squash the rebellion, but had to pardon the rebels, which caused what came to be known as the Cliff Island Civil War. Again, the Government came out on top. later the government was reformed and became good allies with the Republic of Arizona (now the Republic of Arizona ). But once again, the DRCI was rocked by three consecutive conflicts, the Draco-Cliff war, The Kingdom of Alaska and the Second Cliff Island Civil War. This series of events caused DRCI to fail.

Kingdom of Emerald Isle

The Asauiamwas founded on August 18, 2010 by the old government of DRCI after it became a Special Administrative District of Republic of Arizona . But the as-of-then unfinished war with Alaska. Emerald Isle Won and King Jackson was appointed heir to the Alaskan throne. After the end of the Alaskan Conflict, several months of peace fallowed. But DRCI later became involved in the Atlantis Civil War on September 18, 2010. After which followed yet another era of peace.

The Birth of A Republic

On January 12, 2011, The King of Asauiam announced that, after a meeting with the Grand Lord, he had decided that the Kingdom would become a Republic that Friday. The Transition soon went underway from a Kingdom to a Republic. The transition when smother than expected, with only one minor protest by royalists, soon after the transition, the first elections occurred, with the victory of Jackson Alexander. Around the same time, the senate approved the military to adapt their technologies for civil uses, known as Operation hawk egg. This let to the nations "industrial Revolution", one of the most important eras in the nations history.

Early History

soon after the Industrial Revolution, The nation fell quiet for almost a month, during this time,conflict arose throughout the micronational world, which the Republic soon gave responses to. first by claiming neutrality in a conflict between Bethania and Senya and again in another during Sandus's independence form St. Charlie. afterwards, the President condemned President Ben Lawson of Wyke for vetoing a motion-of-no-convenience against him. currently a vote in being held to see whether to place embargoes on Wyke for this. on march 3rd, 2011 the Senate cut ties with the US due to them helping the westboro baptist church. They also voted to make the colony of Alaska a sub-territory of the Republic, bringing short tensions with the Social Republic of Bethania, the situation was later fix within a few days. two weeks later, the senate decided that Absolutist Republic of Gratismansland, formerly the ally the Kingdom of Gratismansland, was no long desirable as a ally due to the leader of the nation taking full control of the nation.


On March 19, 2011, a plot us uncovered to stage a military coup against the federal government by a group of mercenaries called the Merks, This caused the federal government to give up independence to the Republic of Republic of Arizona again to help discourage the rebels and to help quell the violence in the case of a war. on march 22, 2011, due mostly to pressure from the micronational community, most of the Government joined the rebels, this caused the Republic to fall. at 8:45 PM, the republic fell for good, the former president stated "Logan, you went down and brought emerald Isle down with you!"

Reestablishment and Fall

After the Republic fell, it became a SAD of the Republic of Republic of Arizona which became a Empire after a few days. During this time war was being fought between Republic of Arizona and Emerald Isle and the Rebels who had formed the Republic of Tarconia. after three days of hard fighting by the Emerald Isle forces, Jackson Alexander asked for peace talks which resulted in a peace treaty between Emerald Isle, Tarconia, and Republic of Arizona , The republic of Cliff Island, reestablished by some rebels and offered as a agreement by the treaty, refused to sign. Republic of Arizona and Emerald Isle came up with a agreement that on April 6, 2011 Emerald Isle will become independent. On that day the republic entered a nationwide day of celebration as the republic was reestablished by the former government.within three days, DRCI accepted the treaty and the "Emerald Isle Civil War" was over.
The Republic managed to continue for another year, although, states of inactivity. After joining the Union of Republic of Arizona in a war against the US' growing oppressive regime, disorder began to form. On March 20, 2012, the Republic of Emerald Island finally fell, the Southern Territories and Jacksonville all that remained under the Alexander government, and joined the Union of Republic of Arizona .


Emerald Isle is a territorial government, meaning it has its own leader but is directly governed by the Government of Republic of Arizona and has no representation in Parliament. The territory is represented by a Governor, appointed by the Prime Minister. There "jobs" is commander of the military in the region, governor of the executive district, political figurehead of the Territory, power to propose Territorial laws and veto them, basic command of judiciary or internal affairs. The military is under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Arizona er Republican Guard which is responsible for policing, putting down of riots, protecting of government, keeping of peace within the nation, and other things. In the case of a felony charged against a political leader, then that leader can be impeached immediately with the passing of a "motion of no convenience" by the Republic of Arizona er Parliament. The impeachment lasts indefinitely unless the charges are proven false. The next in line (politically speaking) is given the job of the impeached until a new vote can happen.

Foreign Relations

Emerald Isle has many allies, most of which have carried on from the Kingdom. Emerald Isle does not support Extremist Dictatorships or fascism, though it is tolerant of socialism and non-extremist dictatorships. The Republic is also a member of the Vanguard Powers, the LCM, and the CATS. The foreign affairs of the Territory is under the jurisdiction of the Union of Republic of Arizona .

Recognized nations

diplomatic relations/treaty with or is in a Organization with this nation are marked with an asterisk (*):

  • most members of the UN

As well as:

Unrecognized Nations

  • St.Charlie
  • FRA1
  • Draco Republic
  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Cuba
  • Libyan official Government
  • Runic Empire
  • People's Republic of the Oasis Islands

Enemies of the state

  • "Shane Dawson" (not the Youtube personality, but the pen name of the former leader of the CICA and EILA)
  • Vidhur
  • Westboro Baptist Church
  • Phil Heisner and his supporters


Emerald Isle's military is the Territorial defense force (TDF). It is under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Arizona er Republican Guard.


  • HMS incommunicado (BB-1)
  • HMS North Carolina (BB-2)


official website

The Vanguard Powers


RDF website