Arkonian Federal Army

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The Arkonian Federal Army is sworn to protect the Arkonian Constitution and all of those that are loyal to it. Their current primary task force is securing land for the Kingdom.



The Arkonian Army was the first part of the Military of Arkonia to be created. It was created at approximately 1:25 PM on May 15, 2018. The King designed the design of the Army, and the Prime Minister approved it.

Introduction of the Draft

Arkonian Army Flag, during peacetime, as of November 2018
Arkonian Army Flag during wartime, as of November 2018



Unit Name Alternative Names Amount of People in Group Commander's Rank
Team 4 Soldiers Staff Sgt.
Squad 8-10 Soldiers Sgt. or Staff Sgt.
Platoon 16-40 Soldiers in at least 2 or more Squads Lieutenant
Company Battery(Artillery) 100-200 Soldiers in at least 3-5 Platoons Captain
Battalion 4-6 Companies Lt. Colonel
Brigade Group(Logistics or Special Forces) 2-5 Battalions Colonel
Division 3 or more brigades Major General
Corps 2 or more Divisions Lt. General
Field Army 2 or more Corps General



From least to most senior:

Name Abbreviation
Cadet AE-0
Private, Third Class AE-1
Private, Second Class AE-2
Private, First Class AE-3
Corporal AE-4
Sergeant AE-5
Master Sergeant AE-6
Sergeant Major AE-7


From least to most senior,:

Name Abbreviation
Lieutenant AO-1
Captain AO-2
Major AO-3
Lieutenant Colonel AO-4
Colonel AO-5

Senior Officers

From least to most senior,:

Name Abbreviation
Brigadier General AG-1
Major General AG-2
Lieutenant General AG-3
General AG-4
Master General AG-5