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The Arkonian Times is the main, and only, newspaper in the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia. It took over this position from the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia Gazette. It currently is mostly an aggregation news source, though it is trying to include more original reporting.

Arkonian Times
Mostly news that's sorta fit to print.
TypeOnline newspaper, Google Docs
Owner(s)Prime Minister A. Dillman
Founder(s)Prime Minister A. Dillman
PublisherArkonian Publishing Group
Editor-in-chiefPrime Minister A. Dillman
Political alignmentslightly liberal
HeadquartersArkonia City, Arkonia
Sister newspaperspreceded by Federal Kingdom of Arkonia Gazette
Websitenone, hosted on Google Docs.



The Arkonian Times was created in 2018 as a replacement to the floundering Federal Kingdom of Arkonia Gazette. It was better in its predecessor in the fact that it was able to be designed better and that it was easier to create more frequently.


The Arkonian Times launched in 2018 with plans to expand with an "Opinion Section". Editor-in-chief A. Dillman is also in talks with the Democratic Republic of Seybold's newspaper, Seybold Today. The currently-in-development plan is to have a "How to make a good micronation" collaboration.


2018(Volume I)

Standard Issues

Special Issues

2019(Volume II)

Standard Issues