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Hello! I am the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia's Founder and First Prime Minister! If you have any questions, please refer to the "Questions and Answers" Section Down Below! If your question is not answered, leave it on the discussion/talk page.

Questions and Answers


Where can I contact you? Through the contact page from my website,

How long does it take to respond? Usually within a day or so.

About Arkonia

What is a "Federal Kingdom?" A different name for a constitutional Monarchy.

Where did the name, "Arkonia", come from? It was devised from me and my brother as a somewhat different name of the US state we live in.

Where is Arkonia? Arkansas, and I will not be more specific for privacy reasons.

I am a micronation trying to contact Arkonia, what should I do? Leave a message on this talk page, Arkonia's talk page, or hit me up on the Forum.


What do you do outside of Arkonia? Fortnite, Swimming, School, and YouTube.


Service Ribbons

Ribbon bar of an Editor.svg Ribbon bar of an Editor*.svg Ribbon bar of an Editor**.svg Ribbon bar of an Editor***.svg Ribbon bar of an Editor****.svg

Titles and Styles


  • Pre-November 17, 2017 - "Mister A. Dillman"
  • November 17, 2017 - current - "The Honorable Prime Minister, Mister A. Dillman"