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State of Arkonia





20 April 2020 — Present


aliquid maius
"for something greater"
Arkonia, Our Home and Land!
United States
Capital cityArkonia City
Largest cityAlta Cata
Official language(s)American English, German, Latin
Short nameArkonia, Arkonian State
DemonymArkonian,(rarely) Arkoniac, Arkoniite
- Minister-President of the Executive CouncilA. Dillman
- State ChancellorA. Dillman (de facto)
- Chief Secretary of the State CongressA. Dillman (de facto)
LegislatureState Congress
Established20 April 2020
Area claimed>1km^2
Population2 as of 30 March 2020
Time zone(GMT-6)

De-facto hub of government online

The State of Arkonia, commonly known as Arkonia is a micronation in North America, landlocked by the American state of Arkansas. It is an anocracy with Andrew as head of state. The capital of Arkonia is Arkonia City; however, the largest city is Alta Cata. Arkonia has three official languages: American English, German, and Latin, although an Arkonian language is in development. In addition, several languages are protected.

Arkonia was founded as a federal kingdom in 2017. That nation lasted for over a year. It was succeeded by numerous iterations of the Arkonian nation thereafter: the federal republic, the First Empire, the Directed Republic, the Second Empire, the Kingdom, and twice, the Noble Municipal Republic, before settling down with the government that is in place today, the National Government.



Government and politics

The current structure of government in Arkonia as promulgated by the Charter of Government provides for five branches of government: State, Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Auditory.

State branch

State Chancellor

State Decrees

Executive branch

Legislative branch

Judicial Branch

Auditory branch



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