Noble Municipal Republic of Arkonia

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Noble Municipal Republic of Arkonia





3 January 2019 — Present


Arkonia, Our Home and Land!
United States
Capital cityArkonia City
Largest cityArkonia City
Official language(s)American English
Short name(Third) Republic of Arkonia, NMR, NMRA
GovernmentNoble Municipal Government
- Grand Elector of ArkoniaA. Dillman
- Municipal PrefectN/A
- Chief of PoliceN/A
LegislatureGrand Municipal Council
Established3 January 2020
Area claimed>1km^2
Population2 as of 4 January 2020
Time zone(GMT-6)

The Noble Municipal Republic of Arkonia is a self-declared state, more commonly known as a micronation with land claims located in the United States. The NMR, as it is commonly referred to as, was formed on 3 January 2020, after the fall of the Kingdom of Arkonia and the extraordinary short-lived rump nation of the Second Directed Republic. The NMR is the ninth iteration of the Arkonian nations, the latest nation in the Arkonian national lineage going all the way back to the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia.

The NMR acts as both a local government and a national government. This system, known as the Local-National Theory, was created for specific use in micronations. Executive and Judicial power is vested in the Grand Elector, the head of state. The Grand Municipal Council is the legislative branch of the nation. There is no military in the GMR, only a police force, the National Police.