Patriot Party of Arkonia

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Federal Kingdom of Arkonia
(Espernato: La Federala Reĝlando de Arkonia)
(German: Das Bundeskönigreich Arkonia)

Arkonia New.svgPatriotparty.png

Jen nia lando (English: This is our country)
[Art of Silence]
Pulaski County, Arkansas, United States
Capital city Arkonia City[United States: North Little Rock, Arkansas]
Largest city Little Rock
Official language(s) English, Espernato, German
Short name Arkonia
Demonym Arkonian
Government Constitutional Federal Monarchy
- King King Tony I
- Prime Minister P.M. Drew Dillman
Established November 17, 2017
Area claimed 808 miles²
Population 12 (as of March 02 2018 citizen count)
Currency ArkoniaDollar.png
Time zone (UTC-6)
National sport Swimming
National animal Lion
This nation was a member of the Intermicronational Treaty Organization

Official website of Arkonia

What the Patriot Party is

The Patriot Party is the first political party of Arkonia. It beleives in maintaining independence and order above all else. They are moderate leftists, but have no socialist aspects. Their party was named after the logo, which you can see to the right of the Arkonian Flag.

Leaders of the Party

The First and only member of the party is the first Prime Minister. He is the current leader.

Member List

  • Prime Minister #1