Emergency Alert System (Arkonia)

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The Emergency Alert System of Arkonia is a system created by the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia government on 12 November 2018. It is now controlled by the Emergency Alert Service.

Logo of the state-controlled Emergency Alert Service.

Weather Alerts

The Weather Alert System was created for residents of Arkonia to know the safety level outside relating to weather. There are five colors in the system: blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The system defaults to blue.


Blue Level No special awareness. No special awareness; normal weather.
Green Level Light Danger Some light storms in the area; also possibly light-to-mid level fog.
Yellow Level Some Danger Bigger storms, but not severe, are coming. Heavier fog and possibly very light snow is coming.
Orange Level Absolute vigilance is required Non-Heavy Thunderstorms and snow up to one inch are coming. Keep yourself informed and dress warmly, in case of the snow.
Red Level Just stay inside Heavy Thunderstorms, Snow above an inch, and any ice are included in this. Hurricanes and Tornadoes also fall into this category.

Usage History

Date Level Alueet(s) Weather condition
14:30 - present Yellow All Very Light snow

Temperature Alerts


There are five colors in the Temperature alert system: Maroon, Red, Green, Light Blue, and Blue. The system defaults to green.

Maroon Level Do not go outside unless absolutely necessary. Temperature above 105 Fahrenheit(40.5 Celcius). Do not go outside unless necessary; if you do, liberally apply sunblock and drink water.
Red Level "Hot and Sweaty" Weather Temperature above 96 degrees(35.5 Celcius). Be sure to bring water if you must go outside, and probably apply sunscreen too.
Green Level Normal Weather Temperatures between 95 Fahrenheit(35 Celcius) and 32F(0C)
Light Blue Level "Layers" Weather Be prepared to wear layers outside. Temperature is below 32F(0C).
Blue Level Stay Inside Temperatures below 0F(-17.7C) fall into this category.

Usage History

Date Level Alueet(s) Weather condition