Communist Party of Arkonia

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Communist Party of Arkonia
PresidentTony I, King of Arkonia
Founded22 November 2018
HeadquartersArkonia City
Membership  (2018)1
Ideologycommunism Workers Rights
Political positionFar Left
Official colorsRed
Seats in the Legislative Assembly of Arkonia
0 / 7
Prime Ministership
0 / 1

The Communist Party of Arkonia is a far-left political party that supports communism and workers rights. It was led by Tony I, King of Arkonia, but is now inactive.



The Communist Party was joined by King Tony I mostly as a joke. However, he did lead the party through the Arkonian general elections in November 2018.

Inactive Phase

After King Tony I left the party, no one has stepped up to take the helm. It is now classified as an "inactive party" as of 13 December 2018.