2020 Mekniyan election

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Mekniyan senate election

← 2018 8 November 2020 2021 →
  First party Second party Third party
  Logo Conservatives Mekniy.svg Kxelhonipartay.png Nestranní.png
Leader Siwil Ara-den Erik Hab-den Naemal Pxal-den
Party Conservatives Green Independents
Last election 17.39% 41.30% New party
Seats won 3 3 2
Popular vote 5 5 5
Percentage 26.32% 26.32% 26.32%
Swing 8.93 pp 14.98 pp 26.32 pp

  Fourth party Fifth party
  GD.png NSSV.png
Leader Ian Bing-den Dastan Shibil-den
Last election 21.74% 19.57%
Seats won 1 0
Popular vote 3 1
Percentage 15.79% 5.26%
Swing 5.49 pp 14.31 pp

Gouvernor of Senate before election

Siwil Ara-den
Conservatives (Mekniy)

Gouvernor of Senate after election

Siwil Ara-den
Conservatives (Mekniy)

Mekniyan Senate election 2020 took place on 8 November 2020, when previous Senate's term ended. Election leader chosen by the meehk, conservative Siwil Ara-den, was appointed to create the government. The government consisted of Conservatives, Independents, Greens and one un-affliated politician.


Since the second half of 2018, Mekniy saw a decrease in activity. With 2020, newer micronationalists of Czech sector became involved in Mekniy, and called for an election. Due to the demographics change, the number of seats was lowered to 9 from previous 29. The only political party, whose traditional leadership remained since 2018, was the Conservative Party with Siwil Ara-den in charge, which however gained several new members. Meehk appointed Erik Hab-den, a former Mendersian controversial politician, as Green Party's election leader. Two parties remained virtually leadership-less, the Social Democrats and National Old-Patriotic Party. Ian Bing-den decided to unilaterally declare himself the leader of Social Democrats, a decision which was eventually endorsed by GD's traditional leader Sakxva Eum-den when he briefly returned. In NOPP's place, a new political party was established by Naemal Pxal-den as a platform for politicians not affiliating with any of the traditional parties to participate in the Senate. NOPP, while virtually leaderless and unable to campaign or participate in debates, was still expected to de facto run, which was later confirmed by their appearance on ballots.

Despite Green Party's election victory in 2018 with Social Democrats placing second, it was supposed that this election will result in Conservative victory. This speculation was also confirmed by the polls, which usually predicted Conservative victory with Independent placing second, and Green Party losing majority of their popularity. NOPP was never thought to even reach amount of votes needed for a seat in the Senate. New element of the campaigning were the debates, hosted in #žmm4 channel on the Czech MicroWiki Discord server. The debates uncovered a potentional cooperation between the Conservatives and Independents, whose programs had many similarities, and led many to believe that the new government will be led by Conservatives and Independents. GD however made an unexpected comeback in polls as Eum-den and few more Social Democratic politicians returned to Mekniy. This was however followed by a scandal, in which Ian Bing-den as Minister of Interior approved citizenship application of another well-known micronationalist with social democratic views, which was criticized by Conservatives as an attempt to regain votes. Bing-den handed the application to meehk and offered resignation, however the meehk confirmed the validity of the citizenship. On the election day, just before voting started, the Conservatives announced they made an agreement with the Independent politicians, resulting in a de-facto coalition.


Pollster Release Sample Conservatives Green Party GD Independents NOPP
Independents 3 November 2020 8 25% 25% 25% 25% 0%
Independents 5 November 2020 8 37.5% 25% 12.5% 25% 0%
GD 5 November 2020 8 25% 12.5% 37.5% 25% 0%
Conservatives 6 November 2020 8 37.5% 12.5% 12,5% 25% 12,5%
Independents 7 November 2020 9 33.3% 11.1% 22.2% 33.3% 0%


The election results brought many surprises along it, especially the amount of votes received by Independents, expected to not be so popular among Mekniyan population outside of Discord, where most of the campaigning took place, and the amount of votes received by Greens, whose non-Discord base was discovered to be bigger than expected, despite suffering bigger losses in percentage than any other party. The unexpected three-way victory led to uncertainty, who will meehk choose as the Governor of the Senate. Meehk however, despite being the official leader and supporter of the Green Party quickly picked Ara-den, who therefore continued his second consecutive term. Ara-den then established the government, inviting the Green Party to the cooperation already laid by Conservatives and Independents. GD, left alone in opposition with only one seat in the Senate, called the government over-extended and unstable.