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Mekdol/ShindolSunssalba亍〳キク囗レ/子丨日ク囗レJomulssalba멕돌/신돌Xansiih韓屋/新屋Xansiih meaningMekniyan house

RS transcriptionMekdol/Shindol
RR transcriptionMekdol/Shindol

Sinonissiian (RS)Xanuuh/SinuuhChosononissiian (RS)Hanog/Shinog

Mekniychar.png This article contains Nissiian text.

Mekdol (nissiian 亍〳キク囗レ [mekdol], xansiih 韓屋, or 子丨日ク囗レ [shindol], xansiih 新屋) is name for Mekniyan traditional way of building a house. The mekdol is made to blend with surrounding nature.

Outside layout of the house

The shape of the house varies by location, position, or the surrounding nature. The shape of house varies, whether the house is on north (shape is ㅁ, or ㄴ), or on south (shape is ㄴ and ㅡ).

Inside layout of the house

Dolbyok style
Gibyok style

The size of house depends on quantity of rooms (byok).

Heating system of the mekdol

Mekdol contains underfloor heating system known as Suopraahna/Swopraina. The kitchen contains big furnace. The chimney of furnace is connected to underfloor flutes, where the heat from fire heats up the stone floors.