Senate of Mēkkxu

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Senate of Mēkkxu
Senateon Mēkkxu
Mekniy Senate.svg
Typeupper chamber
GovernorSiwil Ara-den, Conservatives
since 15th June 2021
Members9 representatives
Minyeog94 - Bing-den resignation.svg
political groupsSenate of Meehkkxu (9)
  Nestranní (1)
unoccupied (3)
voting systemProportional Election System
D'Hondt Method

Senate of Mēkkxu, Nissiian Senateon Mēkkxu is the supreme chamber of the Mēkkxu parliament, it is a legislative and partly executive power in the Mekkism. The Governor of the Senate is Siwil Ara-den.