Nissiian language

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岛舌 (xansiih)
日丨大丨말 (sunssalba and jomulssalba)
Spoken in Mekniy, Coronese Confederation, Czech Republic
Is educated Yes (VHF)
Language family Novoslavic, Koreanic
Language type Agglutinative language
Writing system Sunssalba, Gugeolssalba, Jomulssalba, Meolssalba, Xansiih
Other writing system Nissiian braille
Official Status
Official language in KMV.png Mekniy
Regulated by Vhfmky.png Mekniyan National University of Naacal Hanunkx
ISO 639 codes ns/nsm

Nissiian (in nissiian 日丨大丨말, RS transcription [niyimal], RR transcription [nissimal]) is agglutinative language. Nissiian belongs to the Koreanic and Novoslavic language family, due to the influence by Czech language and Korean.

History of Nissiian

According to the Ojineo legend, the nissiian descended from the Old Korean, when two gods, Hanunkx (xansiih 桓雄) and his son Mekniy (xansiih 檀君) met on the hill Ilbun (xansiih 源山 (mountain of origin)) with god named Kopedi (xansiih 近神). Hanunkx and Mekniy came from Goguryeo with group of people, they spoke Old Korean. When the slavic tribes came to the land, nissiian was influenced by slavic languages.

Writing system

Nissiian uses (in total) 6 writing systems, however, in standard communication, only 3 writing systems are used (jomulssalba (좀울쌀바) + xansiih (漢字) + ssalba (gugeolssalba キ゚凵キ゚中レ, meolssalba テヤレ, sunssalba 了凵日). The Sunssalba is used for traditional writing, in television etc., Meolssalba is used in IT, traffic signs..., Gugeolssalba is used in common communication. Jomulssalba is used only for prefixes, suffixes, degrees..., Xansiih is used only for native names. The sixth writing system is called Ddeolssalba, which is nissiian name for braille.