1st G6 summit

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1st G6 Summit
Host countryLong Island
Date9–10 July 2021
Venue(s)Glen Cove, Nassau County, Long Island
ParticipantsHouse Hold, Fishing Trail, Cheshire, Michigan, Long Island, Massachusetts, House Union
Precedes2nd G6 summit

The 1st G6 summit is scheduled for 9–10 July 2021 in Long Island while it holds the presidency of the G6.

The participants will include the leaders of the six G6 member states as well as representatives of the House Union.

Leaders at the summit

Participants are expected to include leaders of the G6 member countries and a representative from the House Union.

The Long Island Prime Minister, Honk Goose invited former Prime Ministers. Ewing, Larry Cat, and Rufus Wolf, former Deputy Prime Minister Moses Elephant, three House Hold cabinet members, and two officials from Fishing Trail.

This will be the first in person meeting between Prime Minister Enia Hyena and Minister President Catsby.

Participants and probable representatives

Core G6 Members The host state and leader are shown in bold text.
Member Represented by Title
House Hold Enia Hyena Prime Minister
Fishing Trail Lyuba Woolly Prime Minister
Cheshire Catsby Minister President
Michigan Spina Spino President
Long Island (Host) Honk Goose Prime Minister
Massachusetts George Paleo Ambassador
House Union Bison Wild Commission President
Member Represented by Title
House Hold Ewing Former Prime Minister
Larry Cat
Rufus Wolf
Moses Elephant Former Deputy Prime Minister
La La Deputy Prime Minister
Fur Seal Minister of Foreign Affairs
Trie Dino Ambassador to Fishing Trail
Fishing Trail Catsby Jr. Deputy Prime Minister
Grey-lag Goose Former Minister

Events leading to the summit

On 12 June House Hold Prime Minister Enia Hyena announces plans for G6.

On 12 June Long Island Prime Minister Honk Goose announces event.