Zealandian Air Defences

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Zealandian Air Defences
Founded 2010 - 2014
Country Commonwealth of Zealandia
Size 3 Aircraft
Part of Zealandian Defence Force
Air Staff Offices ZADB Tyrshavn
Motto Defending Zealandia from above
March None
Chief of Staff HM The Queen
Commander in Chief Astrid of Zealandia
ZAD roundel
Aircraft flown
Attack ZAE P 2000


ZAE RJ 538
Helicopter none
Interceptor None
Reconnaissance None
Trainer None
Transport None

The Zealandian Air Defences (Swedish:Zeelandiens Flygvapnet, Zealandian:Zålandieni Flugmakt, Abbr: ZAD) was the air defences branch of the Zealandian Defence Force and was responsible for the defence of Zealandia's aerial assets, airspace and aeronautical interests.


The ZAD was first created after the Royal Zealandian Space Force was disestablished and is formed from the Kingdom of Zealandia Naval Service Maritime Aviation Command and Royal Zealandian Army Aeronautical Defence Corps and the Royal Zealandian Space Force Aviation Division. It was in early 2012 disbanded only to be recreated after the Winter Revolution, in 2014 it was disbanded.


The ZAD was broken into two commands based on hemispherical location those commands where : Southern Command (abbr SOUCOM) and the Northern Command (abbr NORCOM). Those commands reported to the Chief of Staff.


There where two Zealandian Air Defence bases:

  • ZADB Tyrshavn:

which has a paved runway that runs from South to North.

  • ZADB Båthavn

Which has no paved runway.


  • 1st Squadron:Attack/Defence
  • 2nd Squadron:Training


The ZAD was made up of the following Aircraft:

  • Zealandian Aero Engineering Systems ADI 1000 x 2
  • ZEAS CE 129 x 1