Wyvern Army

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Wyvern Army
Wyvern War Flag
27 October 2009 (de facto), December 2009 (de jure)
General-Admiral Bradley of Dullahan (acting)
General Vacant
Commander Quentin I of Wyvern
Manpower 5
Tanks 1
Planes 1
Ships 2
Standard weapon Home-made crossbow, fireworks shooter, one-shot mortars, bottle rockets.
Battle of Spies
Date May 21, 2010
Location Midden-Wyvern, Zuid-Wyvern
Soldiers involved Wyvern: 3
Spies: 4
Outcome Wyvernian victory; spies gone

The Wyvern Army is the national defense force of the Kingdom of Wyvern. Despite a low organic, its three active and two inactive members have received training to defend the Kingdom in case of a physical attack and to symbolically attack the Netherlands during the annual fireworks war on December 31, which happens to be a tradition among citizens. It was officially created in December 2009 and has been involved in several conflicts since then.



The first mention of a military that defended the current territory of the Kingdom of Wyvern was at the end of 2005, when only Ossie of Behemoth, King Quentin I and T. of Marine were members. It was little more than a military order. It used the frame of the Wyvern Army's current tank, though it used wooden pallets at that time. Attacks on a local playground were carried out using water balloons and stick fighting, although no fights took place until at least early 2006. At that time, Ossie of Behemoth and King Quentin I met Bradley of Dullahan and another local at the playground while carrying out a mission there. Bradley of Dullahan immediately joined the newly-founded military order, the 'Snake Knights' Kingdom of Snakia. The other person and some other locals decided to attack Fort Wyvern in early 2006 using sticks, stones and water balloons. The Snake Knights succesfully fought off the invaders.

GSC and Wyvern

The Snake Knights lasted as the de facto military organisation of the Kingdom of Snakia until it was reformed into the GSC Territory. The GSC Territory, which existed throughout the first half of 2009, was a short-lived micronation that was more aggressive. The army at that time consisted of the GSC, which included most of the former Snake Knights, and the shorter-lived GSC-Junior, which included some people from the neighbourhood who later turned against the GSC, later featuring in the Battle of Spies. After guerrilla warfare throughout 2008-2009, the GSC Territory and the GSC were dissolved. The problems with the former GSC-J lasted well into the era of the Kingdom of Wyvern, with the last real battle being fought on May 21, 2010, when the insurgents spied on a prototype raft for the Wyvern Navy and had to be forced out without injuries, but with scare tactics. A report about the battle was quickly shown on Wyvern Television. Since May 2010, the Wyvern Army has only served a ceremonial and political purpose.


The Wyvern Army is divided into three separate branches. The Wyvern Infantry (WIN) is the main branch of the Wyvern Army, charged with defending Wyvern's physical territory from invaders. The Wyvern Air Force (WAF) is the air force of the Kingdom of Wyvern, which is mostly ceremonial, but flying one RC plane and in charge of the Royal Wyvern Space Agency. The Wyvern Navy is almost completely ceremonial, with only two virtual ships in the state of New Xtabay existing.

The Karr Tank

Ranking System

Since late 2010, the Wyvern Army has ceased to consider the three branches to have separate ranks. For this reason, a universal ranking system was introduced. With the exception of the name for the second-highest rank, which is changed from General to Admiral in the Wyvern Navy, all ranks are the same. This means that a soldier in the ceremonial Wyvern Navy can be called into action in the Wyvern Infantry. The ranks are as follows:

  • General-Admiral. This title is symbolic and belonged to Bowie of Wyvern until his death in December 2012.
  • General, called Admiral in the Wyvern Navy. This is the highest military title. It is held by Bradley of Dullahan
  • Commander. This is the second-highest military title. It is held by King Quentin I of Wyvern
  • Lieutenant. This is an important military title which is currently held by Ossie of Behemoth.
  • Captain. This is a military title that is not currently used.
  • Conscripted. The Kingdom of Wyvern uses conscription to gain manpower in times of emergency. However, all men are generally excluded from conscription until their respective state is under attack. This is the normal military rank for soldiers.

The current branches are the Wyvern Infantry, the Wyvern Navy and the Wyvern Air Force.

Wyvern Army Ranks

OF: OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
60px-Nl-marechausee-luitenant generaal.png 60px-Nl-landmacht-generaal.png 60px-Nl-landmacht-luitenant generaal.png Wyvernarmycommander.png Landmacht-brigade generaal.png Kolonel.png 60px-Nl-landmacht-kapitein ritmeester.png 60px-Nl-landmacht-eerste luitenant.png 60px-Nl-landmacht-vaandrig.png
General-Admiral General Lt. General Commander Lt. Commander Captain Lieutanant 2nd. Lieutanant Consript
Abbreviation GenAd. Gen. Lt.Gen. Cmd. Lt.Cmd. Cn. Lt. Slt. con.

Wyvern Infantry (WIN)

The WIN currently has five voluntary members capable of defending Wyvern. On April 29, 2010, conscription was officially introduced, meaning that all men are possible soldiers, although they will only be called upon if their state is under attack. The Wyvern Infantry uses home-made crossbows that fire painful metal nails in case of emergency or special training, but are only used a few times a year. The Wyvern Infantry has modified a shopping cart into a tank capable of firing fireworks and small missiles. It is also used as a transport vehicle from time to time.

The standard weapons for the Wyvern Infantry differ from soldier to soldier. Soldiers are usually allowed to pick their weapons, but on official occasions, including battles, soldiers are encouraged to use either the Kludge Crossbow, which is a non-lethal crossbow capable of firing many different objects, or a fireworks gun, which is more expensive, but easier to assemble. The fireworks gun is a tube filled with roman candles or small missiles.

Wyvern Air Force

Originally, the WAF was only created for the intimidating effect it would have on foreign citizens. The government decided to make some paper planes and tested them in Midden-Wyvern. However, in the summer of 2010, the government decided that it would purchase RC planes for the WAF. There were some issues with the delivery of the first plane, the WAF-01. Eventually, the government found another store willing to sell one. This plane was eventually called WAF-01. The Wyvern Air force is also in charge of the space program, for which it has created the Royal Wyvern Space Agency. The RWSA has launched eight rockets on December 31, 2010, with some rockets with the same design being used during the 2011 and 2012-2013 wars. The government decided that these rockets should have a military use rather than a scientific one, because of their tendency to fall apart, catch fire and explode randomly. These were the rockets developed specifically for the RWSA:

  • WSS-Unnamed 1-4 - these primitive water rockets were launched on July 17, 2010, in Zuid-Wyvern and Marine State. They were aimed diagonally.
  • WSS-01 Karr - built as a fireworks-powered rocket in September 2010. It was presented on Wyvern Television, but it was discontinued in December due to its weight.
  • WSS-V2 1-8 - these rockets were lightweight and fireworks-powered. Some of them were filmed during launch by Wyvern Television. The launching of these rockets failed, causing them to hit Bradley of Dullahan.
  • WSS-Unnamed 5 - this rocket
  • WSS-Equestria Series - named after respected micronationalists and ponies from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, these rockets were launched on December 31, 2011. They were significantly more professional and significantly more expensive, with a stable launch and an unprecedented amount of fuel making them able to reach much higher than previous designs.

Wyvern Navy

For most of Wyvern's existence, the Wyvern Navy's activities were unregulated and unofficial. The Wyvern Navy has operated the following ships:

  • Several miniature prototype rafts, all of which failed;
  • WRB Canoe, a canoe currently in service though stored in a foreign base;
  • WRB Kayak, a kayak currently in service though stored in a foreign base;
  • WRB Yabloko - a small prototype boat constructed out of Pringles cans. Barely able to float during its maiden voyage, it was made a museum piece and scrapped a few months later.

The Wyvern Navy uses a simulator called Virtual Sailor to train sailors. It is in the process of designing training ships for use in Virtual Sailor.


The Wyvern Army and its predecessors have been involved in several conflicts throughout the time that they existed. Some of these conflicts have generated controversy, while others were applauded. This is an overview of conflicts the Wyvern Army has been involved in.

GSC-J Battles

One of the predecessors of the Wyvern Army, the GSC, had trouble defending the GSC Territory - an area slightly larger than Wyvern's current claims - from local rival groups that refused to acknowledge the GSC's leadership. Bradley of Dullahan came up with the idea of recruiting the main rival group as a subdivision of the GSC. Quentin I of Wyvern opposed it and Ossie of Behemoth did not have a solid opinion about the issue. Eventually, Bradley of Dullahan managed to convince the government of his plan, and the rival group was contacted. After some talks, they accepted their position as the GSC-J, the GSC youth division - a name showing some hypocrisy on the GSC's part, as they were not adults at that time. After a few hours of peace, the GSC-J started to rebel against the GSC, apparently not even knowing the difference between the two groups. They attacked the GSC with sticks until the GSC was forced to retreat. The situation in the GSC Territory lasted for another while until the GSC was disbanded and the territory was officially handed back to the Netherlands and unofficially to the rebels.

Fireworks Wars

On December 31, 2009, the First Fireworks War was held. It basically consisted of a series of 'battles' against the non-present Dutch government. During the First Fireworks War, an area near the Royal Residence was annexed by the Wyvern Army. During the Second Fireworks War, taking place on December 31, 2010, Wyvern's V2 1-8 attack rockets were tested and

General Bradley of Dullahan training with a Fireworks Gun.

deemed 'not useful for scientific purposes, but very effective as a scare tactic'. Also, the fireworks guns and the functional version of the Karr Tank was succesfully tested. There are no plans indicating a solid Third Fireworks War yet.

UUS Universal War Attempt

On April 26, 2010, the United Univist States declared war on the entire world. Although it was first thought of as a simple joke and widely ignored, it was paid attention to after a statement by the UUS president saying he wanted to 'damage many nations'. The Wyvernian government had entered alliances with several nations who decided to get involved in the war. Because of misinformation by Bradley of Dullahan, the government reluctantly decided to join the war because of it being perceived as obligatory since some of Wyvern's allies had entered. Shortly after Wyvern accepted the UUS's declaration of war, its allies started to withdraw. King Quentin I of Wyvern stated that Wyvern had been left 'the laughing stock of the micronational community' and urged the Senate to immediately halt all new alliances. Later that year, all existing alliances were either terminated or reformed to micronational friendships. Since then, Wyvern has gained a hateful stance towards 'fake wars'.

Mission Ensuring Sovereignty in Marine State

This mission, planned for the spring or summer of 2011, will be aided by the Wyvern Army. It will consist of a banner with the Wyvernian flag being carried to Marine State and planted, a symbolic measure to show the population of the surrounding area that Marine State is indeed Wyvernian territory.