Workers' Bloc (Zealandia)

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Workers' Bloc
Arebiters Blok
Party leadersJoseph Puglisi (CPKZ)
Charlotte Lindström (LPZ)
FoundedApril 16th, 2012
HeadquartersÞorkjavik, Zealandia
NewspaperThe Zealandian Times, Today in Zealandia
Revolutionary socialism
Left-wing nationalism
Internal factions:
Democratic socialists
Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
International affiliationIntermicronational Socialist Forum
Official coloursRed, yellow, white
Seats in Løgþing
3 / 5
Regional Seats
8 / 10
County Governors
4 / 5
11 / 12

The Workers' Bloc was a front of left-wing Zealandian political parties.

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