Parliament of the Kingdom of Zealandia

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The Parliament of The Kingdom of Zealandia
Storþing af Kungdern Zålandien
Zeelandiens Riksdag
9th Parliament
Parliament CoA.png
TypeUnicameral legislature
HousesLegislative Assembly (Løgþing)
Speaker of the LøgþingQueen Astrid, Non Aligned (For Official Duties)
since Not Elected
Prime MinisterJoseph Puglisi, Communist Party of Zealandia
since June 2012
Opposition LeaderMark Bobssen, Democratic Party of Zealandia
since May 2012
Members5 MZPs (Member of Zealandian Parliament/Ombudsmen)
Legislative Assembly political groups     CPKZ (2)
     Democratic Party (1)
     Left Party (1)
     Independent (1)
Legislative Assembly last electionJune 2012
Meeting place
Þing Palast (Assembly Palace) (official)
Various online venues
Official Website

The Parliament of The Kingdom of Zealandia was the Legislature of The Kingdom of Zealandia and as such was the supreme lawmaking body within the nation.

Voting Age

The Kingdom of Zealandia has a one of the lowest voting ages with citizens becoming eligible to vote at the age of thirteen. However, younger people can vote if they are members of the Order of the Red Star.


The Single chamber is the Legislative Assembly of Zealandia.


Chapter Four of The Constitution of The Kingdom of Zealandia states that: The Legislative power is vested in the parliament unless legislated elsewhere.

Terms of Parliament

All Elected members of parliament term's last for one year or until the Parliament is dissolved.

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