War Board (Baustralia)

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War Board
Flag of the Baustralian Army.svg
Flag of the Baustralian Army
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Baustralia
HeadquartersHolderton County, Holderton
Agency executives

The War Board is the body established under the Defence Council of Baustralia for the administration of the Baustralian Army. It meets formally only once a year, but continues to have discussions occasionally. It is made up of key members of the General Staff, and chaired by the Commander-in-Chief.


Office Current holder Responsabilities
John I, 2020 pattern army photo.jpg
Field Marshal
King John I
Chair of the War Board. Titular head, and most senior officer of the Baustralian Army.
Chief of the General Staff
Coat of arms of Geoff Audas.svg
Geoffrey Audas
Directs army strategy in wartime and responsible for planning, operations and intelligence, for the distribution of the divisions and for its fighting efficiency and military head of the Army.
Deputy Chief of the General Staff
Emily Parker, 2020 pattern army photo.jpg
Lieutenant general
Lady Emily Parker
Deputizes for the Chief of the General Staff.
Commander-in-Chief, Land Forces
Coat of arms of Greg Watts.svg
Lieutenant general
Sir Greg Watts
Responsible for members and units of the Land Forces.