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Vice-Chancellor of Marland
Tom Barham

since April 21, 2014
StyleThe Honourable
Term length1 Year
Last holderOffice Created

This page is about the Vice Chancellor of Marland. For more information on the Republic of Marland, go to its page

The Vice-Chancellor of Marland is the current government party's head. At present, the party in power is the Marlandic National Party, and as such, it's head, Tom Barham occupies the position. Its role is to create a head of party position which can be followed up as head of the government under the Chancellor.

The role of Vice-Chancellor is put to vote every year on the 1st of May, to signify the beginning of the new year for Marland, just the same as Chancellor. The voting system is, however, quite different. The citizens vote for a preferred party to be the ruling party, and the head of that party becomes the Vice-Chancellor. Voting for party heads is on the 1st of May, but a party head may keep their vice-chancellorship for the year, but know that their term will end with the end of the year.

List of Vice-Chancellors

Order No. Term No. Image Name Affiliation Term start Term end Term Name Notes
1 0 Tom Barham Marlandic National Party May 1st, 2014 de Jure
April 25, 2014 de Facto
May 1, 2014)
1st Barham Provisional and appointed by the Chancellor of Marland upon Marland's independence.
1 Tom Barham Marlandic National Party May 1, 2014 Incumbent
(May 1st, 2015)
2nd Barham First Democratic Term.


The difference between Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor is that the Chancellor may not align themselves with any party, and a Vice-Chancellor must be aligned with a party and the head of that party.

If three people at least disagree with the Vice-Chancellor, they may approach the Chancellor and call for a vote removing them from power. If this passes, then a new general election will take place deciding the party in power, and the winning party will become Vice-Chancellor for the rest of the year.