Flammancian National Party

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The Marlandic National Party
Leader Tom Barham
Founded 2014
Headquarters (Temporary) Brisbane, Australia
Membership 4
Ideology Social Democrat
National affiliation Marland
Official colours Blue and Yellow
None of yet.

This page is about the Social-Democrat party of Marland. For more information on the Republic of Marland, go to its page

The Marlandic National Party is the first party to exist in Marland in it's whole creation. It was founded by member Tom Barnham, a member of the Council of the Sea. It's main opposition is the Monarchy Party.

It is in coalition with the League of Shadowdawn, in what is dubbed The League of National Shadows.


The Marlandic National Party campaigns for the right of the community, and tries to create a unique cultural identity, and settling land for Marland is one of their primary objectives.