Flag of Flammancia

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Flag of Marland
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Flag of Marland
Name Flag of the Republic of Marland
The Ocean Banner
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted Officially adopted on 20 April 2014
Design A horizontal triband bicolour of blue (Cobalt Blue), gold, and blue.

This page is about the National Flag of Marland. For more information on the Republic of Marland, go to its page

The National flag of Marland is a horizontal triband bicolour consisting of three equal horizontal bands of cobalt blue, gold and cobalt blue.this flag was adopted as the national flag of Marland in 2014.


The founder of Marland, Benjamin Felix, knew that to draw all Marlandic people together, there needed to be a single flag, a rallying call, which would unite a shattered people. Marland, intending to be a maritime nation, needed something with simplicity, and memorability. An idea was set up with a blue-white-blue triband, but this was rejected in favour of the later gold, although the white does still exist in some government capacity.

He blue stands for the sea and the sky, while the yellow for the sun, and all landmasses which exist in between.

Flag Variants

Civil Flag

The blue-gold-blue triband acts as the civil flag of Marland. It is used by the citizens of Marland and in official documents, and as an official flag.

State Flag and Ensign

The blue-gold-blue with the crest of Marland is the state flag, used in state media and any maritime vehicles.

Government Flag

The blue-white-blue triband acts as the flag of the government of Marland, usually used outside government buildings or on government cars.

Flag Days

These are the days when the flag should be flown, either in respect or celebration.

Holiday Date Information
New Year's Day January 1 New year in the Gregorian Calendar
Holocaust Remembrance Day March 25 Day of Remembering all who perished in the Holocaust.
Independence Day April 20 Celebrates Marlandic independence.
Constitution Day April 24 A day commemorating the signing of the Constitution of Marland.
Remembrance Day November 11 Day of Remembrance of all war.