Tianan imperial credit

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Tianan imperial credit
Tiana Imperial Notes.jpg
Official usersTianaTricolor.png Kingdom of Tiana
Flag of Nova Agnorr.png Colony of Agnorr and Wallens Plantations
Pegged to$1.00 USD
Pluralimperial credits
Banknotes1cr, 5cr, 10cr, 20cr, 50cr, 100cr, 500cr
Central bankImperial Bank of Tiana
PrinterImperial Bank of Tiana

The Tianan imperial credit (code: TIC) is the official currency of the Tianan Empire. It was created in April 2015 as a replacement for the state credit, and is pegged 1-1 to the value of the United States dollar.


395a series

The 395a series was the first series of TIC banknotes to be designed, and features portraits of several important figures of the European colonization of the Americas which established the Tianic people in their present homeland.

Denomination Obverse Reverse Color Portrait
1cr 1TICf.jpg 1TICb.jpg Blue Miles Standish
5cr 5TICf.jpg 5TICb.jpg Red John Winthrop
10cr 10TICf.jpg 10TICb.jpg Orange Peter Stuyvesant
20cr 20TICf.jpg 20TICb.jpg Green Leif Ericson
50cr 50TICf.jpg 50TICb.jpg Pink William Penn
100cr 100TICf.jpg 100TICb.jpg Gold Henry Hudson
500cr 500TICf.jpg 500TICb.jpg Purple Christopher Columbus