The Sun Republic

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The Sun Republic
National Flag
Coat of arms

Fortis et pacificis
"Strength Through Peace"

Hail, Columbia

Member state of the Economoic Union of Micronations (EUMS).

Capital cityEssen City Capital Region
Official language(s)English/Old Duskian
GovernmentDemocratic Dual-Presidency
- PresidentsLeland H. A. Elliott
Jacqueline Montanez
- CabinetJames Wilson, Adam Johnsen, Jack Mayerson
LegislatureExecutive Branch
Established1 Janurary, 2010 Duskian Empire
15 May, 2017 Sun Republic
Janurary 29th, 2019 Gov. reform
Area claimed2 sq. km
44 registered, 23 active
CurrencyDuskian KR.
Time zoneMountain Standard Time

The Sun Press

The Sun Republic is a micronation founded on the 15th of May, 2017. The Sun Republic is one of the three remaining nations after the collapse of the Duskian Empire as it faced major Democratic popularity as voters demanded change within the Empire. At midnight on the 15th of May, 2017, The Duskian Empire officially collapsed, and separated into 3 autonomous regions- The Western Outlying Territories, The Sun Republic, and The Southern Sun Empire. The Sun Republic drafted a constitution, following western ideals, and a democratic system. At first, the states within The Sun Republic were in unrest and outright refused to come to governmental meetings in the discussion of the union. This period of time was known as The War on Civics, where many people refused to participate in the new union, in fear that it would be a repeat of the Empire they so dearly hated. In response to this, President-Elect Leland H. A. Elliott conducted relief policies, which gave out food and school supplies to those in the local area. Over a period of 4 months, the Union slowly came together, and the states officially unified with The Sun Republic on September 27th, 2017, and this day is seen as the national day of The Sun Republic. The first major act of both president elects was to sign off on the creation and ratification of The Sun Republic Constitution. The constitution sits today in the governmental vault of The Sun Republic in an undisclosed location. The Republic faced many challenges, such as where to govern more heavily and where to leave alone. The Duskian Credit (Written as or occasionally, under more informal circumstances, ) was created as a way to keep track of purchases and what the citizens really wanted most- it later became the face of the Duskian economy. With its newfound autonomy, The Sun Republic began to expand on civil rights and conduct duties that its predecessor could not. On January 29th, 2019, a major government reform was called, to draft a brand new version of the constitution, which would remove errors of the previous one and bring in fresh, new ideas that would ultimately change the republic forever. One such idea was internationalism, the idea of getting involved with as much international business as possible. The Republic has not changed much since January 29th but continues to operate and adopt new ideas and try different things.


The Sun Republic only controls a small part of its total claimed territory; the Essen City Capital Region. However, The Sun Republic has many major and minor Outlying Territories which it constitutionally holds. The Sun Republic gained its major outlying territories through the collapse of The Duskian Empire in 2017. The Treaty of Benson was held in the city of Benson, Arizona, which detailed the collapse of the empire and the territorial boundaries, as well as the creation of subsequent succeeding governments. The Sun Republic received most of the former imperial territory. It has governers for all except for the Military Testing Ground and keeps it from being developed as an official state in its union in respect of its military activities, which is prohibited by the constitution to be conducted on civilian territory. The Military Testing Ground is currently the largest claim by The Sun Republic. All of The Sun Republic's claims are mostly based in unpopulated, (sometimes unclaimed) deserted areas. This allows The Sun Republic to boast a large territorial size, but it does not; only totally controls its capital region.

Detailed in The Treaty of Benson, The Sun Republic was strictly forbidden from claiming any of its sister nations' territories, and it could not incorporate an already incorporated territory. This is another explanation as to why The Sun Republic is reluctant to incorporate the Military Testing Ground.

Major Outlying Territories

The Major Outlying Territories (East And West) were once part of The Duskian Empire were shrunken immensely, before being handed off to The Sun Republic as stated in The Treaty of Benson. As being the closest Outlying Territories to The Sun Republic's capital, they are incorporated territories that have permanent leaders as they lack sufficient populations to harbour any kind of election in the region. The Major Outlying Territories lie as a major tourist spot to those within The Sun Republic. The Eastern Major Outlying Territories are extremely mountainous and very uninhabitable. There is little resources in the area and is mostly home to a few packs of coyotes who traverse through the region. The Western Major Outlying Territories are somewhat habitable, being mostly plains and small hills, surrounded by small bodies of water. As a result, has been the favourite tourist destination.

Northernmost Autonomous Desert Territories

The N.A.D.T. is a collection of smaller states into a kind of separate micronation but is a fully incorporated territory of The Sun Republic. The Sun Republic sees this as its second most valuable territory, behind its own capital. The reasoning is for its vast lands of the desert and useable land, especially for the building. The N.A.D.T. was one of the Rebellious states during The War on Civics, and were a major resistant republic in The Duskian Empire. Today, The N.A.D.T. does like to hold a somewhat of a grudge against the federal government and prefers to use its own to govern itself. Most of the time, it will reject laws the federal government puts forth. A prominent example of this is the defacto illegality of radicalist views. The N.A.D.T. has full freedom of speech and boasts it prominently during governmental meetings.


The Sun Republic is dominated by two ruling parties, The Red and The Gold parties. The Red Party focuses and is based on the northern half of the country, while the Gold is the opposite. 20 people from each party would be chosen to run as candidates, totaling 40. A series of elections would be held to get this number down to 1 per party, and the two that won would be the next presidents of the republic. The process of election is a long and strenuous process, which involves many speeches, meetings, and money spent in order to ensure a smooth transition of power. A president may run for 2 consecutive terms, but they must retire for a term. After his retirement, he may re-enter the political field. However, the former president can only run for a single consecutive year on his re-election. A president who is reluctant to give up his duties will be forcefully removed from the office, and exiled, depending on the severity of his actions. The people of the country can, every 5 month period, request an election is conducted to determine if the presidents are welcome to their office. In short, if people do not like their leaders, they can request for their removal.

The States within the borders of The Sun Republic vote on laws that the leaders propose. The states can be overruled if the situation is dire enough; that of which is determined by the presidential cabinet taking a vote on the subject matter. However, on the second overruling the states, if they have enough votes to pass, can veto the leaders' decision. This does not happen often, however, and the last time this specific event occurred was in 2018, on the topic of marriage within the republic, which was overruled by the states to make it legal. The Sun Republic's constitution defends freedom of speech and press, except if it is an immediate danger to the republic (e.g. radicalism). The Sun Republic stands by LGBT rights and tries its best to defend against hate speech and assault.

The Sun Republic has many public acts and strives to preserve the quality of life within the republic. These such administrations are:

    • The Duskian Public Broadcasting Corporation
    • The Sun Press
    • Duskian Healthcare Corporation
    • Duskian Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Duskian Economic Relief Fund
    • Public Court Act
    • Judiciary Act
    • Emergency Relief Fund
    • Duskian Red Cross Organization

The Sun Republic is a permanent member and founder state of the USVR.


The Sun Republic has an expansive military; it has/recognizes the following branches:

  • Army of The Sun Republic
  • Air Force of the Republic SunAirForce.jpg
  • The Leader's Guard
  • Cyber Police (de facto)

The Sun Republic borrows heavily from the French military. The Sun Republic's military is very regimented and a somewhat rigid body. Rules and regulations do not change often, but when they do it is always a major deal within the Republics. The military does not have many tasks at hand while on duty. Their primary job is to play music for events (as almost all of the active military members are band members. Band members are required to serve for 2 years). Every other day, the band will march around the Essen City Capital Region, to practice marches they know, or are learning.

Basic Training

All new recruits/returning military personnel will spend 2-4 weeks in a basic military training programme, which details the ins and outs of the band programme, as well as the required military skills. The basic training programme will detail how to wear a uniform, how to report to higher-up personnel, and and in-depth class on how the ranking system works. Basic training does not involve physical training, but physical training is highly encouraged. All new recruits will be required to be taught how to march in time, and how to conduct live performances, considering they will be playing in the band for a minimum of 2 years. Returning military personnel will be taught how to conduct the band, and how to perfom certain crucial operations. Returning military personnel will also be taught leadership skills, and be in charge of sorting materials, such as sheet music, within the extensive library.

Combat Training

All new recruits will be required to attend a 2-day class that teaches the basics of combat training. They will be taught how to use airsoft weapons, as well as paintball weapons. The military is focused to shoot to disable and strongly against shoot to kill. After learning about their weapons, the recruits will be taught the basics of drawing and carrying out plans; such as sieges and clearing out rooms in the event of an emergency. Combat training is an un-essential part of the training process, and depending on the circumstances, can be dropped from the training plan entirely.

Military Equipment

The Sun Republic has an excess of military equipment due to a processing error. The following equipment is currently in-use with the Duskian Army and Air Force;

    • Full-Auto Airsoft Rifles (x142)
  • Paintball Weapons (x33)
  • Ammunition (Replenished every year)
  • Uniforms (x200)
  • Seversky P-35 Monoplane (x1)

Duskian Civil War

The Sun Republic was a major belligerent that fought in The Duskian Civil War, involving the National Socialist Party of Duskia, and The Sun Republic.

The Duskian Civil War began when several national socialist party members including the former president, Maxwell Grife, promptly switched sides, leaving the Duskian government in disarray. In the middle of a government shutdown, The Sun Republic was facing massive corruption and issues with civil unrest. Since the national socialist party saw this a prompt opportunity to strike and create the correct political climate to induce a change that would support their new regime, they started The Duskian Civil War. The Duskian Civil war officially ended on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020, at 12:00 PM Mountain Time.

The Sun Republic is in the midst of rebuilding its political system and banning those who started the conflict from participating in the government. The Second Treaty of Benson is due to be held on August 17th, 2020.

Maxwell Grife was soon ousted and exiled from The Sun Republic. A quick election unanimously voted for Jacqueline Montanez, whom currently sits as the acting leader with Leland Elliott. The two are working together to solve the ongoing governmental and pandemic crisis within the Sun Republic.

Post-War Period

The Sun Republic is currently in the post-war period. Its state of emergency remains active as of Nov 16th, 2020.


The Sun Republic gained its name through the surrounding nature and wildlife. Since it is located in what used to be claimed by the State of Arizona, The Sun refers to the spectacular sunrises in the area. The Republic being from its democratic form of government and hope for a brighter future. The name of the republic was almost changed multiple times, most prominently, The States of Duskia.


The Sun Republic is prominently a western culture, favoring the sun and the outdoors. This all stems from the republic being located in the southwest of North America. The Sun Republic has many fans and shaded areas, where people can lounge and have a good time outdoors. The Duskian Army likes to take so-called vacations into the nearby mountains. Life within the Republic has never been better, as the government focuses on putting its best foot forward and understanding what the people truly want. There is also a schooling area within The Sun Republic, where anyone can learn about a wide range of topics, from mathematics to creating poems. The Sun Republic is a predominately offline micronation and prefers to attend to its duties offline if possible. However, with the creation of the International Data Committee, and the new Cyber branch of the military, they are pushing to change that fact and to open up to the world.

New Years Eve

Every year on the 31st of December, The Sun Republic holds a 42-hour long party that celebrates the success of the nation, where they've done, what they're doing, and what they will do. At midnight on the 1st of January, over loudspeakers, "Theme From New York, New York" By Frank Sinatra is played. The reasoning as to why specifically this song is played; the United Nations are based in New York City, and the song represents the country's ambitions to one day sit among the Macronations of the world. During the 42 hours, the government is completely shut down as it is recognized as break days for all citizens within the nation. Murals depicting the nation's years in existence are painted the northern wall of the Capitol building. Every year on new years eve, a new mural is pained in respect of the passing year.

Foreign Relations

The Sun Republic is notorious for not being picky with its allies. The constitution bears this line,

When we are needed the most, whether, in war or civil duties, we will extend a hand. We strive to serve and protect, and to deter others from doing the opposite.

The Republic welcomes all diplomatic envoys and is willing to send a flag to those who they are allied with if requested.

All contact information can be found on the nation's press' site, The Sun Press.


The Sun Republic maintains an alliance with the following micronations:


The Sun Republic recognizes the following sovereign states:

    • Palestine/Israel. Undecided
    • Republic of China, AKA. Taiwan.
    • Hong Kong, as an independent state
    • North Korean territory belongs to South Korea
    • Catalonia


The Sun Republic is recognized by the following sovereign micronations: