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"Duskia", "TSR" and "SR" redirect here. For other uses of "Duskia", see Duskia (disambiguation).

The Sun Republic
People's Republic of Buena (2021)
National Flag
National flag used during 2021 dissolution
Sun Republic COA2.png
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
'Motto: 'Unus mille annis.
"A thousand years."
Anthem: Edelweiss

Great Seal:

CapitalEssen City Capital Region
Official languagesEnglish/Old Duskian
GovernmentDemocratic Dual-Presidency
• Presidents
Leland H. A. Elliott
Jacqueline Montanez
• Sun Republic National Assembly
James Wilson, Adam Johnsen, Jack Mayerson
LegislatureUpper houses of congress
Establishment1 Janurary, 2010 Duskian Empire
15 May, 2017 Sun Republic
Janurary 29th, 2019 Gov. reform
• Census
44 registered, 23 active
CurrencyDuskian KR.
Time zoneMountain Standard Time

The Sun Republic (S.R. or SR) commonly known as The Sun Republic or Duskia, was a micronation located in [w:North_America North America], within in the Arizonan sector or Kyberian Sector. It consists of 5 separate autonomous states, a federal district, 1 major unincorporated territory and some minor possessions. The Nation's capital was City, and the federal district divided itself from Essen City (Major) into Essen City (Minor), and this small federal district was recognized as the nations' technical governance territory.

In the year of 2017, the Sun Republic was an independence movement originating in the former Duskian Empire. At precisely midnight of 15 May 2017, the Duskian Empire was officially dissolved, and its successor nations, The Sun Republic, The Southern Sun Empire, and The Empire of Buena were released. The subsequent week saw the drafting of a constitution following western thought, a democratic system, and public openness. Due to the relative instability at the time, the Sun Republic faced a confusing time involving legal court systems being abolished and the formation of smaller local governments. Among this, several of its outlying territories promoted and declared their own political independence from the republic, furthering political chaos. As the political claims grew to their peak of extremity, this sparked The War on Civics, which ended in the total unification of the Sun Republic's states on 27 September 2017, which would later be recognized as the national day of The Sun Republic.

President-Elect Leland Hayes Adams Elliott conducted relief policies which funded the distribution of foodstuffs and school supplies to the [w:Sierra_Vista,_Arizona Greater Sierra Vista area]. One of his many incoming policies to bring about a "strong and stable union", as well as promote a sense of national identity after the collapsed Empire. His policies worked somewhat, but with the establishment of a national military, the nationalist rhetoric changed and sense of Duskian pride began to spread.

After The War on Civics, a new constitution was drafted. This constitution, unlike its previous iteration, included personal freedoms and eliminated state control over people's individuality. Several major clauses detailed the creation of a strongly federalized bureaucracy. The Socialist Party (The Red Party), strongly opposed the idea, but with the clauses' support at a high considering the stability issues of the past, the clauses were introduced, and are still in effect as of this day; however, on 29 January 2019, a major constitution reform was submitted, which alleviated some of the state's power issues, including over demonstrations, particularly those held online. It was decided that The Sun Republic has a right to control its own information, the Duskian Public Broadcasting Corporation was once again brought online after having been deactivated for well over 3 years. Freedom of the press, speech and religion are all still promoted, but at any time the Republic can censor any anti-state media if the situation is dire enough. There was much controversy over this act, and has led to the current situation of 2021.


Civil twilight (dusk) in Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal.

The first known use of the name "Duskia" dates back to around late 2009, when it appeared in a conversation between Carsten Huber and a few close friends debating the creation of a micronation state in the Sierra Vista region. The name was believed to have originated from the world "Dusk", relating to the darker part of twilight, especially at night. The First documentary evidence of the phrase "Sun Republic" dates from a May 2017 document detailing possible creation of a secession government for the failing Duskian Empire by the Duskian senate to an address to Carsten Huber. The final version of the document, the Treaty of Benson, did not include the direct reference of the name "Sun Republic", but did create a democratic presidency. The original name was adopted as the nation's official demonym.


The Sun Republic was originally territory belonging to the U.S. state of Arizona, and the city of Sierra Vista.

The nation's history began within a small independence movement being pushed by Arizonan residents primarily in the Phoenix area. Their petition for independence got some support, and The Sun Republic claimed to be the legitimate successor to this movement.


The Sun Republic was originally core territory of another micronation; the Duskian Empire. Of which it controlled a single territory known as the Essen City Capital Region State Territory. Smaller movements pushed for the reformation of the empire into a democratic republic, and the majority of movements originated within Essen City itself. However, these groups were not heard as a legitimate political force within the Empire, and Carsten Huber did not accept to listen or concede to any protestor's demand. As a result from the monarch's inability to listen to the majority of his subjects' demands, the popular movement turned into a semi-violent revolutionary force which advocated for the removal of Carsten Huber from the micro nation, destruction of the monarchy, and rebirth of the Duskian identity into a fire-bird[[w:Phoenix_(mythology)], forged from the ashes of a failed empire. The movement operated from late 2016 to mid 2017 until the Treaty of Benson.

As a movement

When the monarch of the Duskian Empire, Carsten Huber, had denounced the parties who where pushing for reform against his established monarchist system, support for the "Republican Front for Duskia" grew to an all-time high. Even those within the monarchy's personal senate where identifying more and more heavily with the movement, whom pressured Carsten with increasing intensity to concede to the reformist demands. Carsten did not have plans to concede to the demands.

However, on January 2nd of 2017 a general senate strike arose, and the monarchy instantly lost it's supporting powers. Further events after Jan. 2nd would contribute to the abolition of the monarchy as well, including the shut down of all government aid programs and other online general media. With the fractured nature of his senate, Carsten dissolved the senate's power and reallocated those legislative powers to himself. However without a loyal basis for his nation, he would not have a nation at all: and in May of that same year, he was forced to concede.

As a Junta

After the Treaty of Benson, The Sun Republic was officially established as the legitimate successor of the monarchy. The first official step, after the ratification of the treaty, would be to demolish (physical and online) propaganda or monuments of the Empire. All documents, commitments, troops, and other such related legislative certificates would be destroyed. All assets of the previous government were liquidated and most individuals were relieved of their duty. The early days of The Sun Republic are easily described as a [[w:Junta_(governing_body) Junta] because of it's direct executive control over individuals and military. Being heavily criticized at the time, the Junta period was a contributing causing factor Civics]. Several individuals described the iron-fisted government to be that of "A military with a state".

Withdrawal of forces and commitment

Immediately after the treaty was signed, the withdrawal of protection forces in the majority of the Empire's former territory began. The Sun Republic quickly renounced it's claims to it's sister nations' now established territories,and it gave up a significant chunk of it's international bilateral recognition including non-aggression treaties.

As an authoritarian democracy

The flag for the "royal bloodline" which the leaders would have belonged to.

With the draft of a new constitution, a dual-presidency in which both presidents held equal and total power, as established. A type of "royal blood" was instituted for those who became leaders, and former leaders would always withhold the expressed right to institute, correct, or otherwise remove laws that were set by any new presidents. The presidents' actions could be challenged only once by an elected supreme council, by which both presidents could veto at any time. Feeding into the conspiracy of a "New Monarchy", furthering political skepticism that led to The War on Civics. With this type of democracy being in power for well over a year until it was challenged, The Sun Republic's majority of legislature stems from the idea of an extremely power dual-presidency. It was until January of 2019 that the dual-presidency became totally democratic and separation of powers was established in full effect.

Democratic establishment

On January 29, 2019 a general constitutional convention was called in order to review the changes to The Sun Republic's constitution by the Sun Republic National Assembly. The major changes to the constitution were the establishment of a congress, and division of Essen City's major and minor districts' administrative powers. The "royal bloodline" fixture established by the 2017 rendition of the constitution were abandoned, and the constitution heavily borrowed wording and allocation of power between branches of government from States.

Additional information that was added included the general layout of the assembly, details for general elections, including runoff elections, and various smaller details that were neglected in the former version of the constitution. This version of the Sun Republic's constitution was still in effect until it's dissolution, with no more than semantic edits.

Logo for the Liberty Association.

Promotion of liberty

Within the Kyberian Sector, the Sun Republic has advocated for the establishment of micro national republics, and the overthrow of oppressive or otherwise authoritarian monarchies or fascist-type governments. The means of which the republic has gone to promote this ideology are hotly debated, and the question of whether the republic has any just reason to be involved with the internal affairs of another micro nation have been asked.

Nonetheless, the creation of a "Liberty Promotion Society" was called, and the society acts as a major advocate for inter-micro national democracy. The society has the expressed goal of promoting the creation of democracies, whether peacefully, violently, or the creation of a democratic system at the start of the micro nations' independence.

The society had continued to promote democracies in the Arizonan sector. Primarily against the Empire of Kyberia, which the society believed was violating international law.


A graphic describing how a bill moves through legislature. The lowest shapes show they are the least importance to passing, and the highest shape, the star,wasthe most important in passing a bill.

The Sun Republic's government consists of three major branches, which respectively deal with judicial, executive, and legislative powers. Separation of powers was guaranteed by the 2019 revision of the constitution, and the creation of subsequent branches was enacted. The government's main goal was to protect, enforce, and revise the constitution in regards to citizens. On each branch there resides congressmen, representatives, and judges which are all elected by a general election, and admission was determined by the Supreme Council. In the Executive branch lies the responsibility of both Presidents, and their duties to fulfill the constitution, enforce laws, and protect the nation from enemies foreign and domestic. The Sun Republic's government was a strongly federalized bureaucracy of which decides all laws, punishment, revisions, expansions and other decrees detailed in the constitution.

Judicial branch

Considered to be the first major branch of government, the Judicial branch deals with, like the United States' judicial branch, determining if created laws are constitutional. All judges serve for life or until impeachment, abdication, or debilitation.

The Judicial branch convenes only by request of congress, of which judges are not allowed to be in contact with one another up to 42 hours until the designated hearing. The Judicial branch meets in what was considered the "Fine Arts Halls", a part of Essen City Minor.


The branch's main responsibility was to enforce the constitution by determining if enacted laws (by either the executive or legislative branch) do not violate any rights determined by the amendments of The Sun Republic's constitution. The branch also holds the responsibility of the highest court, being only the second court in the entirety of The Sun Republic. The Judicial branch has the power to expel individuals from the nation, take away some of their rights, or outright liquidate their powers. The judicial branch has to be called upon, by a succeeding vote in both houses, to hear the causes of impeachment against one or both of the current presidents.

Legislative branch

The Legislative branch was considered the second major branch of government, and was by far the largest with 20 total members. The legislative branch consisted of a House of Congress, a House of Representatives, and a Supreme Council.

House of Congress

The House of Congress consists of 9 total members, approximately 6 of which belong to a designated political party, and 3 are independents. The House of Congress' primary role in legislature of the Sun Republic was to create laws, which begin as a succeeding vote in the House of Representatives (Yay or Nay to a particular issue) and move onto the Supreme Council, and then to the Judicial Branch. The House of Congress reviews details drafted by the constitution, the details at hand, and creates a law or act which best fits to combat the issue and to further the creation of a more perfect union. The individuals of Congress can meet at any time, or by decree of a president, to discuss the creation of, or to create a law. Congress' decision can be directly intervened in with a passing vote by the Judicial court.

House of Representatives

The main goal of the House of Representatives was to represent the common interest of the public in government, and consists of 9 members. At any time, the House could have submitted (by result of a passing vote) a request to congress, the Supreme Council, the Judicial Court, or to the Executive Branch. Other than representation and voting on popular law, the House of Representatives had no decisive role in creation of laws other than the request of a bill or the expression of popular opinion to congress, the council, or the court.

Logo of the Supreme Council.

The House of Representatives had been heavily criticized as being an "ineffective and unneeded branch of the federal government", and there have been several requests to assimilate the House of Representatives into the House of Congress.

Supreme Council

Other than deciding to progress a law to the Court, the Supreme Council has the power to overrule a decision made by Congress in regards to throwing out a vote or bill. The Supreme Council was often referred to as an extension of the Executive branch because each Supreme Judge reports directly to the Presidents. There are, at any time, 2 to 4 judges (each with differing political opinions) in charge of the council.

Executive branch

The Executive branch of The Sun Republic deals with the enforcement of laws, the constitution, and the protection of all citizens. The executive branch consists solely of both Presidents and their chosen councils, as well as the generals and their military. The Executive branchwasdivided into two major parts: Enforcement, and Legal. The executive branch meets in the Halls of Power, which was the primary building of the Sun Republic where all governmental programs and establishments are based with exception of the other branches. With protection of the nation, it's laws, and it's citizens, the executive branch has total control of the military. The executive was the 3rd major branch, and was the oldest established branch of the Sun Republic's government.

Symbol of the Duskian Army


The enforcement division of the executive branch deals with protection of laws, the constitution, and citizens. The Duskian army falls under this division. All military actions are dealt with on this half of the executive branch.


The legal division of the executive branch deals with the legal enforcement of laws in congress by use of a few legal powers that were designated to the branch under the constitution. The executive branch can call on the Judicial Branch at any time to review any laws, punishment, or action taken by any part of the government.

National Flags and Symbols

The Sun Republic's national flag was a 3 red-based almost maroon flag, with a lone sandy-gold middle stripe broken by an ovular shape of the same color, offset to left to create an indent in the other two stripes. Within the area of the oval, a pure golden eaglewasplaced.

The main symbol that signifies documents or official chambers of The Sun Republic was its coat of arms, or its national emblem—the 12 pointed gold star.


The Sun Republic has an expansive military:

  • Army of The Sun Republic
  • Air Force of the Republic SunAirForce.jpg
  • The Leader's Guard
  • Cyber Police (de facto)

The Sun Republic borrows heavily from the French military. The Sun Republic's military was very regimented and a somewhat rigid body. Rules and regulations do not change often, but when they do it was always a major deal within the Republics. The military does not have many tasks at hand while on duty. Their primary job was to play music for events (as almost all of the active military members are band members. Band members are required to serve for 2 years). Every other day, the band will march around the Essen City Capital Region, to practice marches they know, or are learning.

Cryptology & Cipher Department

The Sun Republic has founded, as of 2021, a new branch of its internal government: the Duskian Cryptology & Cipher Department. The goal of the department was to keep outside and internal military and government communication secret by encoding the messages and using ciphers. Vaguely sourced information has hinted that the department will be using morse-code type communication, and will likely be using many different ciphers in order to deliver a single, easy to transmit code.

Basic Training

All new recruits/returning military personnel will spend 2–4 weeks in a basic military training programme, which details the ins and outs of the band programme, as well as the required military skills. The basic training programme will detail how to wear a uniform, how to report to higher-up personnel, and and in-depth class on how the ranking system works. Basic training does not involve physical training, but physical training was highly encouraged. All new recruits will be required to be taught how to march in time, and how to conduct live performances, considering they will be playing in the band for a minimum of 2 years. Returning military personnel will be taught how to conduct the band, and how to perfom certain crucial operations. Returning military personnel will also be taught leadership skills, and be in charge of sorting materials, such as sheet music, within the extensive library.

Combat Training

All new recruits will be required to attend a 2-day class that teaches the basics of combat training. They will be taught how to use airsoft weapons, as well as paintball weapons. The military was focused to shoot to disable and strongly against shoot to kill. After learning about their weapons, the recruits will be taught the basics of drawing and carrying out plans; such as sieges and clearing out rooms in the event of an emergency. Combat training was an un-essential part of the training process, and depending on the circumstances, can be dropped from the training plan entirely.

Duskian Civil War

The Sun Republic was a major belligerent that fought in The Duskian Civil War, involving the National Socialist Party of Duskia, and The Sun Republic.

The Duskian Civil War began when several national socialist party members including the former president, Maxwell Grife, promptly switched sides, leaving the Duskian government in disarray. In the middle of a government shutdown, The Sun Republic was facing massive corruption and issues with civil unrest. Since the national socialist party saw this a prompt opportunity to strike and create the correct political climate to induce a change that would support their new regime, they started The Duskian Civil War. The Duskian Civil war officially ended on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, at 12:00 PM Mountain Time.

The Sun Republic was in the midst of rebuilding its political system and banning those who started the conflict from participating in the government. The Second Treaty of Benson was due to be held on August 17, 2020.

Maxwell Grife was soon ousted and exiled from The Sun Republic. A quick election unanimously voted for Jacqueline Montanez, whom currently sits as the acting leader with Leland Elliott. The two are working together to solve the ongoing governmental and pandemic crisis within the Sun Republic.

Post-War Period

The Sun Republic is currently in the post-war period. Its state of emergency remains active as of Nov 16th, 2020.


The Sun Republic was prominently a western culture, favoring the sun and the outdoors. This all stems from the republic being located in the southwest of North America. The Sun Republic has many fans and shaded areas, where people can lounge and have a good time outdoors. The Duskian Army likes to take so-called vacations into the nearby mountains. Life within the Republic has never been better, as the government focuses on putting its best foot forward and understanding what the people truly want. There was also a schooling area within The Sun Republic, where anyone can learn about a wide range of topics, from mathematics to creating poems. The Sun Republic was a predominately offline micronation and prefers to attend to its duties offline if possible. However, with the creation of the International Data Committee, and the new Cyber branch of the military, they are pushing to change that fact and to open up to the world.

New Years Eve

Every year on the 31st of December, The Sun Republic holds a 42-hour long party that celebrates the success of the nation, where they've done, what they're doing, and what they will do. At midnight on the 1st of January, over loudspeakers, "Theme From New York, New York" By Frank Sinatra was played. The reasoning as to why specifically this song was played; the United Nations are based in New York City, and the song represents the country's ambitions to one day sit among the Macronations of the world. During the 42 hours, the government was completely shut down as itwasrecognized as break days for all citizens within the nation. Murals depicting the nation's years in existence are painted the northern wall of the Capitol building. Every year on new years eve, a new mural was pained in respect of the passing year.

Foreign Relations

The Sun Republic was notorious for not being picky with its allies. The constitution bears this line,

When we are needed the most, whether, in war or civil duties, we will extend a hand. We strive to serve and protect, and to deter others from doing the opposite.

The Republic welcomes all diplomatic envoys and was willing to send a flag to those who they are allied with if requested.

All contact information can be found on the nation's press' site, The Sun Press.


The Sun Republic maintains an alliance with the following micronations:

Bilateral Recognition